Wenger – Racism is a problem for the society not football

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger reacted to the current problems the press is speaking about relating racism in football. Fifa’s president Sepp Blatter made some unfortunate statements lately and all of the United Kingdom went into flames, but Wenger seems to be content with the situation.

The Frenchman thinks that football is one of the most racial-free environments in the world, and that skill can take you a long way despite what race you represent.

“I agree that punishments have not always been [harsh enough] and I believe there are still sometimes bad remarks but overall in my sport there is no deep racial problem,” he said.

“Football gives you one chance and it is because you are selected on merit and it is easy to identify the merit. In normal society, the problem is much deeper.

“If you are a good player, you play. No matter where you come from. It is not always true in a normal society but in sport it is easy to identify how good you are. That’s why sport can be an example for society.”

Wenger is the last somebody should suspect of racism. Arsenal had loads of Chinese and black footballers and almost every nation was represented in the Gunner squad at a certain point in his career.

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