Wenger Ready To Bid High For Bundesliga’s Stars

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is ready to take the total number of German Gunners from one to three while attempting to boost the club’s skill level with two Bundesliga stars.

According to today’s German newspapers the Frenchman is ready to pay as much as £55 million for the services of Koln’s striker Lukas Podolski and Dortmund’s midfielder Mario Gotze.

Dortmund are ready to let Gotze go as they managed to secure the signing of Marc Reus, another Arsenal target, who’s still playing for Monchengladbach but will be available starting with the first day of the summer transfer window. Reus’ move will make room for Gotze’s departure as the German wonderkid was kept at the club this season despite the huge interest from abroad because Dortmund wanted to make use of his incredible skills in the Champions League.

Wenger’s plan seems to be working out, as the Frenchman is well known for listening to what players have to say. So if anybody is wondering why Arsenal transferred Eisfeld, the reason is that Gotze previously stated that he doesn’t want to leave all of his friends behind in Germany and move, so perhaps Wenger had exactly that in mind when he decided to bring the 19-year-old to the club in January despite his lack of appearances for Dortmund’s senior squad.

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  1. the beautiful sarf says:

    Its actually from one to 5 he.has also signed eisfeld remember and leanderr siemann has already signed his scholarship which starts in may. i juat hope can sign matt hummels and a new german keeper too.

  2. John says:

    Do you mean to say he intends to bid higher than two pence then? No? I thought so, and it doesn’t matter really, it will require much more than four world class players to turn this club around.

  3. Timilehin says:

    Dat veri gud,so i wnt arsenal 2 buy gotze nd poldoski at all cost,because both player re veri gud at playin shot so dat wil improve arsenal,arsene wenger should tel player 2 be playin shot,jst try it against totteham.

  4. Amon percy says:

    This is not about saying it.it is about buying the players so we want action.wenger please splash the cash dont even leave 1 pesewa we are hungry for trophies.how can totenham be ahead of us in the league and concede 4 goals against milan a team we beat under fabregas.think of it wenger

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