Wenger reveals secret behind Arsenal striker’s success


I must admit that I was not convinced at all that the Arsenal experiment of playing Alexis Sanchez in the centre forward position would work and for the first couple of games this season it looked like I was right. I have to say, however, that the Chilean is certainly proving me and all the other doubters wrong.

It seemed that the role was not good for Alexis and when the Gunners had tried it in the past it never worked out, so I expected him to be back on the left side as soon as Arsene Wenger had another option, but the 27-year old striker has improved in each game and is really looking the part now.

Another great striker of ours from the past, Thierry Henry, spoke to his old boss about the new role for Sanchez in a Daily Mail report. Our former forward is a big fan of the new system and he asked Wenger what had made him change things around.

The manager replied, ‘First of all I had big competition up front. I thought Danny Welbeck and Olivier Giroud would play there.

‘I reflected at the end of the season and I decided to try it with Sanchez. He has similarities with (Luis) Suarez. He goes at you.

‘Remember at the start many people questioned the decision. The few times I had tried him there before he was not convincing. In the first two games I was not convinced but now game after game he is growing into this position and getting better and better.’

We can all remember the infamous attempt by Wenger to get Suarez and with the crazy transfer fees being paid for strikers this summer it seems that Wenger’s idea was to get a Suarez like striker without having to break the bank. So far it is working out nicely, so is Wenger’s masterplan going to help Arsenal end our long wait for the title?

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  1. Yes, sanchez should strike for arsenal. That may be one of the best decisions wenger would make this season. Sanchez is a threat to all epl sides, he is what arsenal had been looking for.

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