Arsenal had an awful first half against Stoke on Saturday but the second half told a different story as the Gunners scored twice to bring themselves back into the game. But then Calum Chambers got a second yellow card to leave us just ten players to try and get he equaliser.

“If you’re 3-2 up then you can’t get a better decision than one of the other team’s players getting sent off,” Wenger said on “It was a killer.

“Calum is an easy target because he’s not a dirty player at all. The second yellow card – compared to what happened on the pitch – was a bit farcical.

“He’s only 19 years old and he has to learn about positioning. We were a bit young on Saturday at the back and defending is a job for older people. Koscielny couldn’t play and then you have to play defenders who are used to the defending positions.”

At least if we had managed a draw we may have avoided the unpleasantness of the booing and fighting amongst Arsenal fans after the match. Why didn’t the fans vent their anger on the referee rather than the manager?

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