Wenger says he WILL heed Arsenal fans’ wishes! But not much!


This latest bit of news on the subject of whether Arsenal will still have Arsene Wenger as our manager next season strikes me a little bit like an attempt to placate and pacify the Arsenal fans who want the Frenchman to leave, but it does at least open up the possibility that any protests will not fall on deaf ears.

Not completely anyway, although the man himself was reported by Sky Sports admitting that the wishes of the Arsenal fans would not be the biggest factor in his decision on whether to end his long career in north London or not.

Wenger did, though, say that he would listen to the fans and any frustrations or calls for him to step down when making his mind up, something that he insisted that he still has not done despite reports saying that in private the choice had been made.

Wenger said, “Of course you consider everything. It won’t be the most important factor, but I will consider it of course.

“I work very hard for 25 years to make the fans happy. I understand they are not when we lose.

“I don’t want to judge that. I am not able to. I’ve said many times you have to accept different opinions.

“I don’t work for my image. I work for the club with full commitment. How will I be judged? It’s not too much my problem.

“I think I have shown since I am here that I love this club, that I’m loyal to this club and I make the right decisions for this club, and I will continue to do that, in respecting the values that are vital to me.”

So now the question is what to do? If you are of the Wenger Out mentality, is it more important to get that across at the games or do we still need to get behind the team as long as there is any chance of a trophy in the shape of the FA cup and a top four finish to keep us in the Champions League picture?

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