Wenger says Henry MUST work to come back to Arsenal

Arsenal fans everywhere will be excited about the news this week that perhaps the greatest player to ever pull on the famous red and white shirt, Thierry Henry, could soon be coming back to the club he still loves and where he really made his name.

But although Arsene Wenger is still very close with the player he turned into a world class striker after bringing him to the Premier League from Juventus, and declared that he expects his fellow Frenchman to come back to the Emirates at some point, the Prof also stated that it will not be merely in an honorary capacity, as a Daily Mail report has revealed.

Wenger knows better than most about the amount of time it takes to give yourself fully to a coaching role and he clearly wants his former star to think long and hard before deciding what to do next, especially as Henry has been playing non stop professional football for 20 years now.

Wenger said, “Certainly one day he will come back here. In what role, I don’t know. That is what he has to think about, what direction he wants to go in.

“What I understand is that he wants to reflect for a while on how he wants to go into his next life.

“The only thing I would like to say is that I made him start at the age of 17 in Monaco, he is today 37 so he had 20 years of competitive football and that deserves high respect and congratulations – not only for what he achieved but also on his attitude and his focus on football.

“He has the right to reflect and think of what he wants to do now.

“He is an Arsenal man. It was the best moment certainly of his life and of his career has been experienced here.

“He is intelligent, committed, he loves the game. He just has to think: “Do I want to sacrifice all the rest of my life to be involved in that job?”

“It has to be a job that is available and one where you get up in the morning and you have to do something. We live in a society where people only talk and do very little. I am for a job where everybody has a job to do.”

So assuming that Henry listens to the advice of his former mentor, and I think that he will, it might be a while before we see Henry back at the Emirates. But when he does come back, hopefully it will be as a coach so that he can pass on his skills and his passion for football and Arsenal.

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One thought on “Wenger says Henry MUST work to come back to Arsenal

  1. Dream team for me
    Chairman – wenger
    Ceo – dein
    Manager – henry
    Asst manager – bergkamp
    Coaches – bould, lehmann,
    Academy directors – overmars & jonker

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