When it comes to the media, Arsenal fans can’t exactly take everything as the truth and most of the time the rumours are purely made up to sell the papers, however one player that seemed to be a certainty on Arsene Wenger’s transfer wish list this summer was Everton and Belgium midfielder Marouane Fellaini, but if recent speculation is true then perhaps this is where the interest ends.

Fellaini has been linked with Arsenal all summer, with reports even stating that Arsenal had beaten both Manchester United and Chelsea to his signing by activating his £23 million buyout clause. These clearly turned out to be nothing more than rumours and it later emerged that Wenger was back to his old way of negotiating to such an extent that we could lose the player all together.

It didn’t quite turn out this way however and speculation surrounding Fellaini to Arsenal persisted in the news and recently it was announced Arsenal had become clear favourites at 1/4 to sign Fellaini, suggesting that there was some real truth in the reports, however once again the media managed to fool us all once again.

And now there have been further developments in this transfer saga, with it now being reported that Arsene Wenger is still reluctant to do business with Everton for such a high price. At £23 million, his price tag may be quite extortionate for Arsenal, who are usually used to not going over the £10 million value, however in today’s footballing market £23 million could be an absolute steal for someone of Fellaini’s talent, especially as he would be such an integral part of this Arsenal team.

To add to the fiasco it’s been rumoured that Fellaini will demand a £100k wage package to whichever club bid for him, and I can’t see Wenger offering such a sum to Fellaini despite his importance and talent. At the moment only Podolski and Walcott are on that sort of money, but with Higuain looking likely to exceed the £100k mark once his transfer to the Gunner’s is completed, by offering the same amount to Fellaini, it would completely destroy our wage system and bring the club into financial confusion. If it is true about Fellaini’s wage demands is he really worth it. I don’t think he should be on anything more than £75/80k based on Arsenal’s structure but maybe I am underestimating the Belgian’s potential importance.

7 thoughts on “Wenger seems reluctant to commit Arsenal to Fellaini

  1. For f***s sake pay him the 100k. He is a far better player than Arshavin , who was on 90k.
    PAY UP or lose him. Simple as that

  2. i dont see anything wrong with that amount of money fellaini demand from arsenal his more than that money he fellaini is even what £200k par week he and higuain can bring glory back to arsenal.please wenger dont loose frellaini to enemies hand this term just go and sign him up.fellaini is as good as viera during his time at arsenal.

  3. i realise we are so desperate for that big physical player but technically fellaini is not arsenal-standard. arsenal players move and pass well and fellaini just isn’t that type of player. don’t see it happening and is probably is pure fiction.

  4. We have enough attacking midfielders. We need a fast, specialist DM. Fellaini is not that man and at those prices– you must be joking! If he could play pass and move he might be worth 16m to us- but he can’t. Move on.

  5. I think he can fit and is what the team need but with that sort of price and wage it’s almost like two players. I would rather take the chance and bring in two instead of one especially there are plenty of players in the middle. As for the wage, may be make it a bit performance based. First year 80000. If the team gets to 2nd place or higher, got a cup and he plays certain number of games he got a raise to 95000 or even 100000

  6. All this talk about activating release clauses and arguing about wages is probably just speculation and made up. For all we know Arsenal are not even interested in Fellaini.

  7. Typical Wenger,penny pinching as usual,if Walcott is worth
    £100k a week, Fellaini is worth double that,it’s like history repeating itself,Wenger will buy about five players
    total cost of about £35,000,000. there to replace the “CLOWNS” we have just got rid of,the ones we have been paying £60k a week for doing nothing for the last four seasons, “THE ONLY ONES THAT WILL BE HAPPY,ARE THE SHAREHOLDERS AND DIRECTORS,MORE FOR THEM AT THE ANNUAL SHARE OUT,SAME OLD WENGER”

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