The TV pundits were pulling no punches on the Arsenal and Colombia keeper David Ospina last night, with both Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher not only blaming him for the winning goal scored by Swansea but claiming it as proof that Ospina has not got what it takes to be the Arsenal number one.

Arsene Wenger, however, saw things differently and is clearly keen to stand up for his keeper, as his post match comments on the Arsenal website show. The Frenchman instead suggested that it was the Arsenal defenders who were at fault for failing to deal with a situation the boss called an easy one.

He said, “When you cannot win a game, don’t lose it. We knew exactly what could happen. It was not even a break. We were warned of the kind of goal they could score with Montero kicking the ball in the air and we were short in jumping for the ball.

“I don’t know [whether to blame Ospina] because I have to see it again. Did the defender not jump or was it that he could have come out? We knew that those kind of crosses are crosses that are easy to defend.”

Looking at the replays there were mistakes from Monreal in the initial build up and then from Bellerin, Koscielny and Monreal again so I do think it was a little harsh to criticise the Colombian keeper so much, especially when it is just about the first mistake he has made this season. Do you agree or do Arsenal need to make a new number one a transfer priority?

3 thoughts on “Wenger SLAMS Arsenal defending NOT Ospina!

  1. It is not that necessary for Arsenal to sign a new goalkeeper in the summer. Arsenal already have 4 top quality goalkeepers with 1 out of the very top 3 keepers in pecking order is rendered mostly redundant. Ospina is good but has limited arm reach. Whereas Szczesny has a longer arm reach. When it comes to diving to save or parry a shot away from goal, Szczesny has the natural gift of adequate arm reach to cope better than Ospina. The Boss could defend Ospina and blamed the Gunners back four. But Ospina too is part of the defense line. If the ball escapes the defenders, the goalkeeper saves. But Ospina was saving but once and it was costly. Whereas Fabianski did not fail to save once and Swansea won the match. I think Arsenal defenders played with momentary lack of concentration at the 85 minutes when the ball was crossed to Batafimbi Gomez who nodded towards Ospina. The Boss too has a fault too. He should have since dealt with this crossing ball weakness of the Gunners defenders and have the weakness erased. The damage has been done and the Boss has to repair the damage by carrying out a surgical operation at the heart of the Gunners current starting X1 that failed yesterday night at the Emirates Stadium. For our all important away game to Man Utd for the who will finish 3rd in the table instead of us to have taken the 2nd place spot. My starts: Szczesny….DebuchyRhino’de-AbreuGibbs…CoquelinCazorla…RamseyOzilSanchez…Welbeck. Covers: OspinaMonrealBellerinFlaminiKoscilneyGiroudArteta. This tough away game to Man Utd is not for Walcott and Wilshere to go there and play to the gallery. So, the Boss should not even think of including them in his 18 man match day squad for the game. Sunderland are relegation battlers. I wish they play Chelsea before playing against Arsenal. Walcott and Wilshere are not for that game also. But they could be for WBA visit to Emirates Stadium.

  2. In my opinion, The golkeeper was not at fault at all. The defenders were at fault. If you care to take a look at DEA gea, he was bitten by Gerrald’s header almost in similar fashion. The keeper was not blamed, but the defenders.

    How on earth can you live a very tall striker to be marked by a very short defender over set pieces. Our defenders were either tied or are not intelligent enough.

  3. Wenger can’t motivate can’t sub correctly walcot can’t use his pace in the middle of a 9 men deffenders he should have played at the right wing to out run their let back cut in and invite deffenders to come to him as usual creating openings for ramzy and sanches to shoot he was doing that a plenty with giroud van passy how can wenger not remember that

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