Wenger Speaks About Mertesacker’s Injury.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that Mertesacker’s injury is not a light one and that the Gunners will have to play without him for quite some time.

Mertesacker’s ankle injury is not the first he had at the same foot and so he’s been shipped out to Germany where the same doctor will be able to have a look at his foot and perhaps fix him up again.

According to Wenger, Per will be out for at least one month. Thankfully Gibbs was back just in time to allow Vermaelen to go back in the central position, so just as long as no other injuries occur in the defense the Frenchman is safe.

“Certainly in the next month he (Mertesacker) will not be with us.

“He had reconstruction of his ankle in Germany before he joined us, and the scan did not look too positive.”

Arsenal will have a tough schedule in the following days so this injury didn’t come at a good time for the Gunners if there’s ever such thing as a good time for an injury. The Gunners will have to make due without him against Milan in the Champions League double and against Sunderand in the cup for now. It remains to be seen how long is the German giant going to be unavailable.

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