Wenger Still Clueless While Targeting Young Tunisian


Arsenal’s manager didn’t seem to learn too much out of his experiences and now he’s targeting yet another very young unknown footballer. Youssef Msakni is rendered to be the “Tunisian Lionel Messi”, but how is Wenger going to fight against Barcelona’s Messi with this young kid?

Everybody likes to see a young talended young lad grow into the Arsenal jersey like Wilshere or Chamberlain seem to do and end up like Robin, but let’s face the odds here and let’s be realistic about the host of talented youngsters which have joined the club but fell short on everybody’s expectations.

Some of them were just not good enough in time and others were just too fragile and after sustained injuries they weren’t able to perform at the same level anymore. It was the same with Ramsey who after an injury break still doesn’t seem as good as he previously was, the same with Frimpong, Aliadiere and a bunch of others who weren’t able to show their skills due to tough injuries.

So when is Wenger going to change his ways and understand that you can’t always go chasing for youth players and that experienced ones like Arteta for example are much better for both the short and the long run in some cases?

20 thoughts on “Wenger Still Clueless While Targeting Young Tunisian

  1. He might not be entirely clueless.I watched Msakni in the AFCON,he was good-the runs,dribbles & goals & passes.Under Wenger,he will b/m another nasri or even better.But we need 2 move fast,if we hope 2 get him b/4 the summer.

  2. The arrogance with which you set yourself against Wenger is astounding.
    As if you`d know more about football than him, so as you can call Wenger clueless.
    Clueless?, look in the mirror.

    1. Weedz, well said my man…we seem to have so many so called supporters who think they can run this great club of ours.
      They forget other youngsters like Cesc, Jack, Alex etc. He got a young unknown named Anelka and sold him for over £24,000,000 not bad for someone who hasnt got a clue is it?

      1. Anelka? What decade was that in? Oh while you are at it don’t forget Senderos , Cygan, Squid, Denilson, Arshavin, Djourou, goAlmunia etc… and the newest one Park. Why did Wenger buy him? To keep goAlmunia company ?

        1. Just proves my point that the manger of any team cannot get it right every time.
          Do your homework and you will find that under Arsene we have the most successful manager in our history.
          His transfer dealings are still showing massive plus figures..befoere you say where has that money gone, where would we be if he hadnt made the profit? Usmanov need to get onto the board so we can all see this.

  3. I,m-sick-of-twats-who-think-they-know-everything.Wasn,t-Arteta-as-bad-as-anyone-else-against-milan.The-team-let-him-and-the-supporters-down.Age-has-nothing-to-do-with-quality.If-Arsenal-win-or-lose-idiots-complain.Why-don,t-you-get-you,re-coaching-badges-and-manage-Arsenal!If-you-had-to-stand-by-your-knee-jerk-reactionary-comments-you-wouldn,t-last-15months,let-alone-15years.

    1. Pfft, you don’t need to have much knowledge of football to see that wenger and the board are massively messing up the club. It’s over for them, they have to go, and when we fall short of cl they will.

  4. Msakni is a young talisma.
    He will help our attacking force.
    He has skills ,strenght , speed and an eye for goal.we better sign him fast as possible

  5. How many promising youngsters do Barcelona have on board in the hope, as it did, that one would be the best player in the world. Wenger is absolutely right to target talented youngsters. Of course the majority won’t turn into superstars, that’s logical! How many clubs can buy messi…none! Your better off growing the best players in the world than making yourself bankrupt trying to buy them! Totally behind wenger! That said he needs to supplement his youth policy with competition with established classy players for 1st team places. This is what is lacking in the current squad!

  6. youth isn’t what we really need it’s proven ability at the highest level. It’s good to invest in the future but we also ned to get a balance

    1. I agree completely mate, but if this guy is as good as being reported we would be mad to let him slip through our grasp wouldnt it?

  7. Are u being serious?? Mikel Arteta??? U are obviously clueless…
    Arteta doesn’t deserve to wear the shirt.
    Get the tunsian messi all u like Wenger, he will be 40 million pound cheaper than he will be in 3 years.
    Ps. Sell Walcott now when he is still worth a transfer fee.

  8. We’re talking about that players that makes these crucial moments in big matches, that quality in a player that changes what looks to be a one point match into a 3 point match, that killer in that final third part of the pitch. I hope I make sense here but we’ve been lacking that kind of quality players and with all due respect to msakni, but I doubt that he is that kind of player.

  9. Proven ability and experience what like chamakh arshavin park santos mertesacker squillaci benayoun rosicky silvestre cos they all turned so great aint they.

    1. Easy in hindsight isnt it.
      Per is afull Geman international and has been doing really well. Sntos not yet had time to prove his worth but another international
      Apart fromSqully all the other you mention are full internationals.
      Surprised your not a premiership manager with your insight, or are you taking your exams at this moment?

  10. Some people still think that England are the World Champions. That was 46 years ago.
    And some people still think Wenger has a clue. That was 7 years ago.

    1. WillyG, why does your memory only go back seven years?
      as Fergy said yesterday “every manager makes mistakes” and yet you expect Arsene to be pefect or go!!!
      Wake up and smell the coffee.

  11. Dear blogger…. How many matches have u seen this guy in action?? Dnt judge him without seeing him.. And dnt judge wenger.. Ur not good enuff to do that…

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