Wenger supports FA’s goal-line technology

After FA officials announced that there’s a possibility the goal-line technology will be implemented starting next season, Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger felt the need to publically support that idea and claim that he is eager to have it installed so football can become a bit cleaner.

“The sooner, the better for me,” he told Arsenal.com “The sooner they go further, the better. I have always been a big fan of it and given it every support.

“There are no [doubts for me]. The concern of course is that the technology can make mistakes but still statistically we will improve a lot.

“Overall we all have memories of when this technology would stop an injustice, so let’s go for it – as quickly as possible.”

The goal-line technology could mean a new era in English Premier League football. An era when the referees could have more guts to take a decision knowing that they have a helping hand in case it’s not the right one and an era when referees won’t be able to make the difference anymore. Implementing the technology is a very good idea and the FA should really go for it.

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