Wenger tells Szczesny that confidence is not enough!

The young Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is not short on confidence, in fact the size of his ego could probably rival even Nicolas Bendtner’s! But Arsene Wenger has advised the Polish international that he needs to keep his feet on the ground and keep his focus.

The last time Szczesny faced Man Utd he conceded a massive eight goals and although Wenger doesn’t believe he was at fault for any of them, he dosn’t think that it would affect his confidence even if he was.

“It is good that he has confidence – you feel that when he stands in goal. But as well it is a good mixture between confidence and concentration,” Wenger said.

“I believe a goalkeeper needs an aggressive focus. When I say that I mean a concentration that is ready to fight. If you lose that then you are always in trouble because you need to be so sharp in every reaction you show.

“If you lose a little bit of that committed focus then you are caught. You touch the ball but you don’t save it, and for that you need the right mixture between confidence and focus.”

“Life teaches you things; that you always have to be focused, that when you are younger you think too quickly that you have made it. It’s something to prove every day.”

“That’s why it is important to analyse people well. Confidence is a massive quality he has but you have to manage it well without losing your focus.”

What we need from Szczesny is a Man of the Match performance tomorrow and a reversal of August’s result, and we want to see Wenger praising Szczesny unconditionally after the game!

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