Wenger – The Man Utd 8-2 scoreline was an ‘accident’ and we can get revenge


Arsene Wenger thinks that Arsenal can bounce back from the defeats against Fulham and Swansea in the last couple of weeks and can get beat Man Utd at the Emirates this weekend.

He is hoping for revenge for the record 8-2 defeat inflicted by Man United back in August, which he believes was simply “an accident” that was due to “special circumstances”.

Wenger also admitted that he forced himself to watch a rerun of the massive defeat to see where it all went wrong. “I have seen it again because you have to face reality,” he said.

“It was under special circumstances. Nobody is too keen to dwell on that, we want to move forward and show what we are really made of. That’s why this kind of game on Sunday is a good opportunity to show we have moved on.

“I am convinced that the 8-2 scoreline does not have a big meaning because it was an accident on the day. But we are now in a position when you want to make points and it is important that we keep the belief high and that we focus on giving absolutely everything on Sunday and win our game.”

One thing in Arsenal’s favour is that, since the 2-0 defeat to Liverpool at the start of the season, the Gunners are unbeaten at home, whereas the last two defeats were on the road. Hopefully that run can continue this weekend. But I wouldn’t put money on it!

5 thoughts on “Wenger – The Man Utd 8-2 scoreline was an ‘accident’ and we can get revenge

  1. For my heart safety i am not gona watch the game against mantd, i prefer to hear the result. It will be an other defeat.

  2. frankly i think ARSENAL will be good enough to beat UNITED on the day. most people don’t see the return of HENRY as good buy but at home i believe the crowd will get behind the team. verdict; 3-1 to ARSENAL… BUT MY MONEY is on a home win. But Henry should start Mr. WENGER,,,, I hope the rest of team is behind me on this… good morning

  3. if manutd’s win was a mistake,then,AW is even a bigger one.lack of no ambition in recent yrs yet very arrogant to correct the obvious,willing to take risks that he never learns from,because they always re occur.he should stop making unnecessary comments that remind us of his mistakes and failures

  4. man utd will win easily…perhaps 2-0 or 3-1.
    Fergie is talking up arsenal as he doesnt want any changes made. He prefers us to be where we are so that there is no threat. Expect him to “big-up” wenger after his victory.
    If we lose 8-0, wenger will still be in the job……its like gaddaffi isnt it…..holding on to power when all around him want him OUT!

  5. Well dat was an accident most of us saw coming. Is it an accident wen a guy passed out drunk, drives his into an on-coming vehicle? I predicted a 5-6 :0 score so, i guess d accident was that a. Man utd scored 2-3 more goals b. We managed 2goals.
    There’s an accident right now, thats wenger still being the manager, its waiting to happen

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