Wenger – The pitch was awful, and so were Arsenal!

Arsene Wenger hardly even bothered to make excuses for last night’s humiliation by AC Milan in last night’s Champions League match. There is little hope of Arsenal coming back from the 4-0 defeat and Wenger is obviously worried about getting the players back into a confident mood ahead of this weekends FA Cup match at Sunderland.

Wenger said: “The pitch was a disaster, but our performance was at the level of the pitch. It was a shocking result and a shocking performance. It’s a night never to forget. It was our worst night in Europe. We made mistake after mistake and were punished, and deservedly so.

“We were never in the game. We were very poor offensively and defensively. It was shocking to see. It’s our worst performances in Europe by far. Not one moment in the 90 minutes were we really in the game.

“We had to chase the game and open our game up and we were caught by balls over the top. It’s difficult to analyse. It’s better not to talk too much, to analyse with a cooler head and regroup for the next game.

“We will focus on our next games. It’s a disaster, but the season is not finished. We have a very big game on Saturday against Sunderland and it’s a good opportunity to show we have the mental strength and character to respond after such a shocking defeat.”

I can never honestly remember Wenger ever being so critical of the team, even after the 8-2 defeat by Man United he had a few excuses at hand. But today, he can’t blame anyone but the team he team he raised, coached and persuaded us were good enough to beat Milan….

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16 thoughts on “Wenger – The pitch was awful, and so were Arsenal!

  1. The display actually was so poor. but we have a chance to improve. don’t despair Arsenal!

    1. The more realistic fans who have considered views on selection, formation, tactics have long since despaired ! The rest just stay blindly loyal to Wenger … the genius who knows !!!!

    1. Why does wenger bank a lot of hope in wallcot and Ramsey yet they are terribly off-form. I know they can be good players but need to rest while other players step in their position to prove their worth. POOR SELECTION, POOR FORMATION, POOR GAME. WENGER TO BLAME!!!! NOT THE SOCCER PITCH.

  2. Formation, line up, fatigue and tactics.

    Wenger has one winning formation and XI. He will do as little as possible to change it. Ramsay n Theo play despite poor form and added nothing.

    Kolscieny, Sagna, RVP & Song looked tired n just couldn’t make the ground or space required

    Rosicky, Ramsay, Arteta & Theo are very poor defensively. Even worse the offered nothing going forward, I am sure Song has had more assists than all 3 of them in the last 6 games

    Wenger needs to try something different cause all coaches seem to have figured him out. The maths ain’t working. Dust your self and let’s keep moving

    At 2 nil I thought he would add Djourou as cover for the defense.

    1. “Kolscieny, Sagna, RVP & Song looked tired n just couldn’t make the ground or space required” – Thought they all did ok. Koscielny was bailing TV out over and over, and RVP started playing better once we started to give him some service.
      “Rosicky, Ramsay, Arteta & Theo are very poor defensively.” Arteta is massive for us defensively, usually, and the other three certainly aren’t “poor defensively”, especially rosicky. One bad game doesn’t sum them up as players.

  3. expecting Wenger to do something different is just a forlorn hope. He is a stubborn bastard and these highs and lows(mainly lows these days) will be the norm until the arrival of our new manager, Mick Mcarthy (just kidding !!)To single out one bad player over all the rest seems unkind, but Theo Walcott is an enigma. He could probably help Wolves or Stoke but what Wenger sees in him is beyond me .

  4. From Wenger`s comments we can only conclude that either the players are not good enough or the coaching is suspect, or both.
    At least he didn`t say much about the pitch for a change and had pre warning that it wouldn`t be up to his liking, It`s the same for both teams. Not much point in training on a billiard table if you`re going to play on a bike track.
    To be honest if I were a coach facing Arsenal I wouldn`t even mow the bloody thing, it`s called `home side advantage, ask the cricketers.

    1. Possibly, but surely there needs to be some standards for top games. When a massive side like Milan does that, it shows a bit of fear, which isn’t right, and should have driven us on, really.
      Two bad pitches have cost us two defenders now in two successive games. That is worth addressing imo. Koscielny was the only one who was actually playing pretty well, but we had to take him off!


    1. How many “kids” were playing last night? Szczesny (couldn’t do anything), Gibbs and Ramsey? Plenty of top sides would play with 3 young players in big games. The problem was that some of our more experienced players were poor; Vermaelen and Arteta in particular needed to have good games, as the usually do, but were pretty poor.

  6. 1st goal was quality, 2nd looked offside, 3rd was due to a slip (another dodgy pitch?!) and the fourth was a pretty soft penalty, although I can see why the ref gave it. RVP should have had a pen after that as well.
    Milan deserved to win, but the manner of some of their goals was very harsh, and I think the scoreline got out of hand as a result. Milan deserved to win, but to win 4-0 is a bit harsh.
    Arteta and Vermaelen in particular were unusually poor, though, I have to say.

  7. We need to fall then rise again.It hurts but I believe in Arsenal and I still support the team. Not our day but our day will come

  8. People, dont forget that the season before last, FC Porto led 2-1 against us in the 1st leg, buh we turned things around by beatin then 5-0 in the return leg. I believe we can do the same against Milan.

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