Wenger tipped for success as manager of France

The ex-Arsenal player Remi Garde, who is now coach at the French giants Lyon, believes that Arsene Wenger would be perfect to relace Laurent Blanc as manager of France after this summer’s Euro 2012 tournament.

“It could very well go to him,” Garde said “He’s very familiar with European football, world football and the players because he follows the French championship.

“He would, in the case of Laurent leaving, be an interesting choice for French football. He’s one of football’s greats.”

After Arsenal’s terrible start to this season, Wenger said in an interview that he would consider his position if he failed to meet his objective’s this year (Top Four?), but has since stated that he will fulfil his contract at contract at Arsenal which still has 18 months to run.

So if Arsenal don’t win anything this season or finish in the Top Four, perhaps Wenger would consider the France job as a sort of semi-retirement?

There is no doubt he would do a very good job…….

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2 thoughts on “Wenger tipped for success as manager of France

  1. Every single ‘Arsenal Fan’ that wants Wenger to go either doesn’t know what football is or wants trophy after trophy. This is reality and we are never gonna win trophy after trophy. Wenger said ‘You can question my Ability but you can never question my Loyalty’. whatever fan that doesn’t put a smile on when you hear your own manager ( possibly the best manager in the world ) say that needs a slap. Wenger loves Arsenal and said he wants to do this job for another 16 years and wants us to do well, he is not the one to blame for not buying everyones dream team its the board, Kroenke, Hill-Wood, Gazidis. Arsene said he would LOVE to BUY NEYMAR if he had the money which means the board would never let him because he’s too dear.

    Keep Wenger in and Get the Board OUT! Come on you Gunners!

    1. I have to agree in some ways as there are very few managers I would rate over Wenger and one would be Mourinho. BUT Mourinho would not be loyal to Arsenal no with Mourinho you have to Buy his loyalty and also have the funds after doing so to let him buy who he wants and that is not going to happen at Arsenal FC. He knows how to win and love or hate him you have to respect his success but he goes where the money is.
      SO really who are we going to get should Wenger go it is not join to be a proven top manager no it will be just like the players we get a young manager full of unproven ability who may or may not work out.

      I also agree it is the way the board runs the club that is the problem.
      But I and also blame the state of football today as in many ways that forces the hand of the club. We develop young players and when they finally reach that stage in their careers that they are capable of bringing trophies and glory to the club instead they want to run to another club for money and the opportunity to play with the best as we don’t have the money to bring the best to Arsenal and to win tropes with them.
      Leaving the Arsenal board no choice but to sell them or loose them anyway when their contract runs out for free. THis has been a problem for years ever since the 03/04 stars stated leaving and it started with the captain himself So don’t talk about loyalty there is no such thing in football today.

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