Wenger to promote Arsenal youngsters to cover injury crisis?

Arsene Wenger has suggested in a press conference that he may choose to promote some more youth to the Arsenal first team squad, once the transfer window closes for the summer. Although he didn’t directly say anything about the Arsenal youth, he made it clear that he wanted to bring in quality rather than quantity. Every single year he seems to say this yet we are always left with it the other way round.

Famously two years ago when we were in a similar position over a lack of signings because of the Champions League qualification play off stage. We signed 5 players on the last day of the window and although they were called panic buys, three of them managed to succeed in Arteta, Mertesacker and loanee Yossi Benyayoun. Andre Santos and Park never really made it but overall it turns out Wenger’s panic buys at that moment weren’t as bad as expected. But of course we won’t be hoping for that same situation to happen again and in fact Wenger’s latest quotes state that he won’t be making lots of additions.

He said, “We look more for quality than for numbers. Yes, we would like two or three players and if possible more, but we will not compromise on quality.”

If we are to bring in two or three players then they need to be of the highest quality because let’s face it our squad is crying out for talent. The main concern here is the fact that two or three players isn’t going to solve our squad depth issue, in which we rather stupidly decided to let go of 27 players and not replace a single one, unless you’re counting Sanogo (I suppose we have to have at least one player to boast about.) Of course I never expected the club to replace all 27 because that would be a ridiculous squad overhaul, however like everyone I expected more from Arsenal this summer but they simply have not produced.

This means that if Wenger is to bring up the squad depth to a level where we won’t have to bring back Jens Lehmann or Sol Campbell, or even worse having Steve Bould named as a substitute, then Wenger is going to have to promote some of the youth and reserve players. The likelihood is that Martinez, Yennaris, Miyaichi, Afobe and Akpom will all make the step up to train with the first team, whilst I wouldn’t even be surprised to maybe see the likes of Jon Toral and Gedion Zelalem.

Watching a young player developing their football skills on the pitch is always good to see, however it shouldn’t be happening regularly at a ‘big club’ that’s supposedly ambitious enough to compete for the Premier League. These players mentioned above probably won’t do much more than fill a squad place and maybe occasionally get on the bench but as soon as the injuries or suspensions build up, we could see them edging closer and closer to the Arsenal team. And we all remember what happened last time we filled a team full of reserves. 8-2.

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11 thoughts on “Wenger to promote Arsenal youngsters to cover injury crisis?

  1. after the Aston Villa horror,
    the profit maniac Arsene
    Wenger can now seek a job at
    Wall Street. Otherwise, as
    Manager at Arsenal Foot Ball
    Club, he is a REAL PENIS right
    now!! An imbecile and Big
    Vagina! Wenger + Gazidis +
    Kroenke = Hog Balls.

  2. Look forward to seeing…

    Bellerin – Mertesacker – Boateng – Jenkinson
    Frimpong – Yennaris
    Walcott – Giroud – Gnabry

    …get torn apart by Fulham. Oh the joy.

  3. is all arsenal fans fault, if they stop going to the stadium to watch home games.the board will do something about Arsene

  4. The reason why arsenal should sign players is because of the injury,if there is players there will be knw problem for the team,look at the competent players arsenal have lost eg; like of higuain gustavo benteke jesus navas and so many like that this arsenal are first to announced and other team chase and sign.

  5. I agree with Christian, Arsenal fans should boycott our matches and mount pressure on the board to act fast before Wenger drives the final nail on Arsenal’s coffin. We as fans are tired of hearing the same old stories and no improvement on the pitch.

  6. How do we play on Wed? Injury here n ther! Wat is wenga’s plan? Wen r we going to sign player? Why do most EPL referees hate Arsenal? Ref n wenga cost us yesteay game. Why is arsenal authority not challenging Asene? Do wenga read our comments atall? Do players dont want to come to Arsenal again? If Yes why? If no, then why r we not getting them? Why does Arenal always have high number of injury? Can a club without a world class keeper win anything? When would i be confident to talk among other club’s fans? Do we need anoda manager? Who is d actual player we miss in yesteay game? How many new players do we need to compete? Wen would i be happy wit my dear Arsenal again?

  7. Coquelin would certainly be useful right now; no idea why he has been loaned out – the lad is a good central midfielder who can alos cover in defense if required, and we are looking mighty short of options now.

    Frimpong at least is an option, but not ideal given his recent return from injury. Yennaris is also a good option, and impressed alot in his brief appearance last season.

    However – We are looking very light and need re-inforcements as a matter of urgency. The only big first team need is a striker – given Girouds conversion rate.
    However -depth is a different issue. Cover for Arteta is obviously required. Coq would have been ideal – Jack is not a good option in the deeper position.

    Plenty of options still around; if we have funds a big bid for Bender may work (but may not). Schneiderlin is a great player who Soton may be willing to part with if the price is right. Or a big bid for Gonalons – may convince Lyon to part with him, or maybe not.

    We will have to pay over the odds.
    My suggestion:

    go in with a big 25 million plus bid for Bender. If it fails, then go in for Scneiderlin; SOton have several players capable of playing CM so they may be willing to part if the price is right. He will not be cheap though.

    Williams – by far the best CB option out there, much better than the Sakho’s and Rami’s etc. Might cost 12 mill, but worth it. Instant firs team quality, and much better than TV.

    Striker – one final big bid for Suarez, then go in for Yilmaz.

    In addition, the 2 dutch youngsters we are after look great.

  8. If ur boyfriend is arsenal fans u dot neet to teartding him with heart breakin cus is hart as ben brock already but is still workin.my fans is olny god can save us frm arsen wenger if not 4 that arsenal is not club u can chose

  9. I really would not mind Scott Dann, has some experience, not as slow as mert, good tackler, good in air and on the ground, st. ettienne defensive midfielder josuha guilavogui would be perfect, big and strong and i doubt he would cost much, jus pay the money for jackson from porto and we would be set.

    Two very good DM are at spurs, Capoue and paulinho, anyone of those would have made arsenal a lot stronger, we could have had paulinho from last year and capoue since year if we had offered, but wenger keeps saying there arent good players on the market which really pisses me offf

  10. MR Wenger, this might be news to you but you need to pay for quality and more than the competitors. The quality BS does not wash if you are not going to (Real World) market rates!

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