Wenger – Tottenham will be hard to catch, but if we beat them at home…..

Arsene Wenger has managed to drag Arsenal back into the Top Four in the Premier League after a disastrous start to the season, but the Frenchman is not just going to be happy to enter the Qualifying Rounds of the Champions League next season and has not giving up on leapfrogging Arsenal’s greatest rivals into Third Place.

“Mathematically they are not uncatchable but the disadvantage is that Tottenham play nowhere,” Wenger said.

“They are out of the Europa League, they just play the FA Cup and championship and have much more rest than the other teams.

“We have two vital games and then we play Tottenham at home. After that game then we will know more.”

If Arsenal can beat Spurs on Sunday week, then Tottenham will take on Man Utd the following weekend, while Arsenal are away at Anfield. Those TWO games could define whether Arsenal can catch Spurs or still have to struggle to keep Fourth place.

Can we do it? Of course we can!

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7 thoughts on “Wenger – Tottenham will be hard to catch, but if we beat them at home…..

  1. I dont thing we can beat totham hot spur becaues this season they been very deficult team so i dont thing becaues we only have one tap wald class player rvp only henry he is rturn back to he clup

  2. Spurs have bn really good this season that this game is unpredictable, especially with manager harry. I just wish Arsenal could win this game.

  3. we can beat spurs really. why not. even if they only play the championship. look at him complaining. who cause the problem? we are just a team of one squad. pls buy wenger!!!

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