Wenger uses 13 different cultures in a perfect anti-racism game

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger was vehement about the late racism problems around English football and declared that there should be a zero tolerance policy regarding this. The statement comes after the racism accusations and Sepp Blatter’s reaction to them.

“Once you go that way you accept everything, or you go to zero tolerance,” said Wenger.

“The players will always adapt. They know that when they are punished, when they do it, they will shut up. If you say at the start of the season you cannot talk to the referee but once a player abuses a referee and it is not punished, it is finished.

“If it is punished and he is off the pitch the next one will not do it. So if you go in and say that it is in the heat of the game and you have to forget it, then you don’t know where to stop what is acceptable or not acceptable.

“For you something might be acceptable and for me not. So that is why it is better to go into zero tolerance mode.

“The other problem is that it is your word against my word if we have a fight on the pitch. You need a credible witness but usually a partner of the player in the same team can’t be a credible witness.”

Arsenal just managed to win against Norwich and Wenger manages to prove once again that the racial problem is inexistent at Arsenal. The gunners had an amazing number of 11 players of different nationalities in the squad. And the two substitutes, Djourou and Benayoun, were also of different nationalities. So Arsenal played with 13 footballers each coming from a different culture. If that’s not a statement against Racism I don’t know what is.

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