Wenger wants AC Milan to be punished

Arsene Wenger saw his team fight back and come very close to getting the needed 4-0 win over AC Milan last night, but the Arsenal manager is still smarting over the disgusting state of the San Siro pitch during the first leg.

Both wings of the pitch had been dug up and relaid just days before Arsenal were due to play and it made the actual proper playing area available much smaller than Arsenal expected. Wenger believes this contributed to the 4-0 defeat and thinks that the Italian giants should be punished by footballs governing powers.

He said: “It maybe an easy excuse but I feel Uefa has a lot to answer for because when you arrive at 7.46pm you get fined, but you can play on a bad pitch and they don’t say a word. It’s unacceptable from UEFA that they accept pitches like we had in Milan.”

Strangely enough Wenger himself is likely to be punished by UEFA as he ranted at the referee as he was leaving the pitch at the end of last nights game. He said afterwards: “I was not happy with the referee tonight because I felt he gave many free kicks in the middle of the park. Every time Milan’s players went down a free kick was given to them, and they sensed that very quickly and used it very well.”

Other than those problems, Arsenal did very well in the circumstances!

Arsenal v AC Milan Highlights

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13 thoughts on “Wenger wants AC Milan to be punished

  1. typical wenger…..always blaming someone or something else. The man lacks dignity, class, charisma and grace. In fact most football fans outside of arsenal think he is a joke…he certainly is an embarrassment to our fabulous club.
    For a person so highly thought of, he gets himself into a lot of trouble with the authorities…displaying touchline petulance and after match arrogance and sour grapes. He is hardly a manager that would inspire me as a player.

    1. nd who a u 2 b impresd anyway,we gve ur best the gaols at sansiro were a mistake,srry 4 da result but lets stay kul nd suport ur playerz,they need us mre now,jst wndr ur next mtch?

    2. I think you lack dignity, class and grace. I support Wenger as do millions of others. You are jealous nobody.

  2. @Big tone You are a dumbass! What you wrote doesnt make sense, you said wenger always in trouble and sh*t , oh what do you think of Murinho? i doubt you are an arsenal fan. you are entitled to your opinions but that’s just utter bullsh*t. #COYG

  3. To an extent I agree with ‘big tone’ Wenger does himself little good with some of his foolish remarks.
    However, there can be no doubt regarding the state of the Milan pitch and the referee hardly covered himself in much glory last night. In the end reality remains that it was the unacceptable poor attitude in Milan that cost Arsenal the tie.

  4. Big Tone, you are a muppet! How can you call yourself a fan of Arsenal or even a fan of football. Wenger often does come up with needless excuses, but this time he was spot on! He has every right to bring up the poor pitch in Milan as a contributing factor to our loss! This is evident by last nights game when we were able to play to our strengths and use the wings! Granted Wenger is responsible for the players we have and the way we play and I agree new players are needed so that we can have a plan ‘B’. But again the excuse of the poor pitch in Milan is a valid point! Also unless you watched a different game to what the most of us watched, it was evident that the ref had a shocker and gave some dubious decision in Milans favour!

  5. for all the idiots and muppets that cannot understand the distinction between arsenal and wenger…i will spell it out simply for you and dont waste my time with your pathetic wenger-love dross. Arsenal is a football club……and wenger is a manager of a football club called arsenal. the 2 are separate. yeah understand…….now this next statement is a bit more philosophically based…..i support arsenal with a passion thats exactly why i choose to dislike some fool of a manager that has been instrumental in its decline over the past 5 years.

  6. Eufa will do nothing about the doctored Milan pitch. They do not care about doing good for football … only doing good for themselves. And good means cosying up to the biggest, politically connected Continental clubs. NOT crossing them. The referees know which side their bread is buttered too.

    That said … we lost 4 .. 0 because we only have one game plan and it does not work on slow, or bumpy or heavy (or doctored) pitches. Our season crashes each season when the winter pitches arrive.

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