Wenger wants changes to clean up football (and ban Balotelli!)


Arsene Wenger was amazed that Mario Balotelli got away with the stamp on Arsenal’s Alex Song, simply because the referee says that he saw the incident but didn’t judge it so harshly at first viewing. But Wenger believes that should be a separate “ethics committee” looking at incidents like this, and over-ruling referees when neccessary.

“What you want is a system that is fair and a system that does justice for football,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “There are a lot of things that work very, very well but my main concern is that there is friction between the authority of the referee and justice in football.

“That is a grey area at the moment that has to be explored. You have to respect the referee, respect the difficulty of his job, but also put justice in the game above the referee’s authority.

“Basically we are in the position at the moment where if somebody takes a player’s leg off, if the referee has seen it and misjudged it, the player gets away with it. For me that is not acceptable.

“If you love football you want justice to prevail. How can it be right that Shaun Derry is suspended and Mario Balotelli isn’t?

“Even if each case might make sense individually when they are explained, when you put the whole picture together you have to say it’s not common sense. So there is something missing from the cohesion of the justice system.

“I am convinced that a committee with a supreme authority – an ethics committee – could rule on some cases, and make sure justice is done. They should have the power after games, in exceptional circumstances, to make a decision above the referee. Then the system would be perfect.”

He is right of course. There are many ridiculous decisions by referees that simply MUST be investigated. We have all seen it too many times, although Ballotelli was definitely the worst example this season. Even Roberto Mancini said after the game that he should get a seven-game ban, and that is his own manager.

See Wenger does talk sense sometimes…..

2 thoughts on “Wenger wants changes to clean up football (and ban Balotelli!)

  1. Allow the club who feels offended at a bad decision to appeal. Lodge a large sum of money and if they win the appeal they get refunded and the opposite side pays in the fee.
    That will stop divng in penalty areas and the clubs will control their players. Balatelli is a perfect example.

    The club must have the right to recoup from offending player – their option.

    The committee that sits must be the final authority – no appeals after that.

    Introduce yellow card as rugby – give benefit to the offended side. Now a ban on a player is of benefit to the offended sides opposition if the race for a certain league position is tight.

    Socer has many who would be hard hit – we have more divers than the diving clubs all round the world – disgusting!

  2. Arsene needs to stay quiet about other clubs affairs and keep his wider opinions to himself. Such comments from on high by him have long since become an embarrassment. There is enough for him to do at Arsenal … to cease messing up. He could start by replacing dear old Pat Rice with someone who has real clout and to whom he will actually listen !!

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