Wenger Wants Reinforcements In Attacking Department

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger admits that even though the Gunners have a large squad, they will have to visit the idea of making a few transfers in January.

The outgoings of Gervinho and Chamakh to the African Cup of Natons will also be a problem for the Frenchman who will lose two attacking players for a while.

“We have a big squad. To add players to our big squad, we will have to see how we can balance our books as well,” said Wenger.

“Then, we lose Chamakh and Gervinho for January – two strikers. Maybe Chamakh has not played too many games, but he is still a security that we have. So Park has to step up.

“The adaptation period for him is over now so he has to come in and show he has the quality to play for us. I believe he has. We also have Arshavin and Chamberlain, who is now ready, slowly, to play.”

As a replacement for the attacking position German striker Lukas Podolski has been intensely linked with a possible move to Arsenal in January, but the manager denied the possibility, although he admitted a striker must be brought in. Who do you think will join?

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6 thoughts on “Wenger Wants Reinforcements In Attacking Department

  1. wenger displays no real intent…happy to “discuss” possibilities….aware that fans are much more focused on his actions and comments.
    When he mentions money issues such as balancing the books then you know its very unlikely he will buy or even loan. His job is to make the team successful, the board should look after the book-balancing. Also we have a massive transfer surplus following the sales of cesc clichy and nasri.Thats precisely why we are showing no ambition as the manager has money as a priority.
    In wenger we rust…totally!

  2. I think Podolski is the answer to us for this moment. His maturity and versatility is superb.

  3. Why has no one told arsene that it is not ok to be out of the title fight in november ?

    Why are the board so adamant that we are doing ok when when our manager and players think we have no chance in the title race?


    Have we all gone mad? We are arsenal and have been told to just forget it this season! We are arsenal and have sold our best players of for the last 5/6 years! ` We are arsenal and Tottenham have a better team than us!

    How exactly are we doing ok and why exactly is this acceptable …. someone has to be held accountable !!!! Where is our money? where is our reserve ?

    Why do our players want to leave and why is there no prospect of us winning anything, yet the prospect of us losing out to spurs a likely scenario?

    What has happened?

  4. i have been a gooner for 38yrs and i think that wenger must really start supporting the fans and reallise the importance of a strong squad. everytime i see arshavin and charmakh coming on , i get worried, they have no idea what to do.
    Arsenal play the billiant passing game but too often, please shot from outside the big box instead of kissing the opposing keeper.

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