Wenger warns Arsenal about balance in Burnley clash


I guess that Arsene Wenger is worried about the possibility of the Arsenal players expecting today’s Premier League match against Burnley at the Emirates Stadium to be a bit of a walkover with the Gunners filling our boots and scoring a bagful of goals just as we did last week away to Swansea City.

I am sure that the boss would love that to happen as well, and it might, but the Frenchman has warned the players that they cannot jjust go piling forwards looking to score, because the Clarets are no mugs and under Sean Dyche they have proved themselves well cap[able of defending stoutly and also launching dangerous counter attacks at the other end, also reminding his team that we were well tested at Turf Moor and lucky to get all three points after Koscielny’s late winner.

Wenger told the Arsenal website, “We were very close to drawing and maybe even losing the game because they had one or two chances from set-pieces with Sam Vokes. It was the game where we have maybe been the most lucky because Koscielny touched the ball with his hand for the goal.

“We had a good domination but they defended very well. When we came out of the game I thought, ‘They will not go down’ because of their spirit and organisation. They have strong points there and they accept that they will give you the ball. Not many teams do that and keep their focus.

“They say, ‘OK from the start of the game you have the ball but we might try to kill you at some stage’. You need a special spirit to do that. Once you have 10 years in the Premier League, you have the pressure to do a bit more.

“In the first year, everybody accepts you will do that and that makes them dangerous because they are good at it and they accept it all together. That makes them efficient.”

Not that the prof does not want Arsenal to attack because he knows that is where our greatest talent lies, just that he wants the players to remember the other side of the game and to look for the right balance.

He said, “We have a very strong attack, we can score goals from everywhere and I like that. I like that the offensive dynamic in the team can come from everywhere.

“I’m a manager who likes to go forward but we have to find that balance between offense and defence, and that’s maybe where the future of this season lies – can we find a good balance between attacking and defending?”

If we do then it should be another victory for Arsenal and if we get an early goal then who knows, perhaps another heavy scoreline?

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