Wenger warns Arsenal cannot relax in title race!

A major problem concerning Arsenal’s position in the league from the past few season is the fact that we are heavily inconsistent and tend to play ‘catch up’ for the majority of the campaign. This year it’s a little bit different and we have started off very well, and in fact performed to a standard that has taken to the top of the Premier League with a 5 point gap ahead of both 2nd and 3rd place.

However, despite the great start and nicely bridged gap, Arsenal cannot afford to drop down a gear at any point this season because as football fans we see it far too often in this league, where a gap has been closed down in a short space of time. You only have to take the Manchester race two years ago to show what a dramatic league this can be, as well as how Arsenal have repaired their disappointing seasons to once again play catch up and successfully overtake rivals Tottenham Hotspur for the last two years. Arsene Wenger noted after the Premier League win over Liverpool last weekend, that Arsenal must keep up the pressure to make sure we continue to perform at the highest of our capabilities.

Wenger told Arsenal.com: “We passed (the test against Liverpool) in a convincing way. The focus of the team and the togetherness you could feel from the outside. Let’s enjoy it, take a lot of encouragement from it and continue to develop as a team. But as well we must be cautious and be on our toes because we changed it (season) in an emphatic way so let’s make sure we continue to grow and do not think ‘okay let’s have a little breather’.”

Consistency is key to a successful season and as already mentioned, it’s an area that we usually lack in. Hopefully it isn’t an issue that bothers the Gunners this season, however a stern test is soon coming up as we face yet another title challenger (if you can really still call them that) in Manchester United. The game at Old Trafford is vital to our season because a win in Manchester will prove our quality and show what a highly contested team we are with real considerations about taking this year’s Premier League trophy at the very least in our stride.

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