Wenger – We are still unbeaten


Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seemed content with the result his students got last night against Fulham. The Frenchman declared that Arsenal needed a touch of luck and some extra mental sharpness in order to win the game, but put the blame on the fatigue created against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League

“The positive again is that we have shown exceptional spirit, desire and refusal to lose the game. Many players were on the fringe today and we had not completely digested the Champions League game on Wednesday night. We needed to dig deep. “

“The circumstances went against us on top of that because when Fulham scored I didn’t see them crossing the halfway line too much in the second half. “

“It was very unfortunate to be 1-0 down but we refused to lose the game can came back to 1-1. It’s disappointing because we dropped two points but at least it keeps our unbeaten run going.”

“Maybe [it was down to] the sharpness of the mind, mental fatigue and a bit of physical fatigue as well. We haven’t recovered completely from the Champions League game – that happens sometimes. “

“But we still had the potential to win 1-0 and if not 2-0 because early on in the game we could have scored. Maybe once or twice we were offside when we should not have been. We also lacked a bit of accuracy in our passing.”

Arsenal won’t have much time to recover because they are going to meet Manchester City in midweek in the fight for the League Cup. Wenger is expected to go on the pitch with the club’s second team as is Roberto Mancini, but the egos of the two might get in the way of that.

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