Wenger – We can cope with the pressure and we HAVE to win

Arsene Wenger is trying hard to sound as relaxed as possible ahead of Arsenal’s crucial last game against West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns, and is seemingly confident that the Gunners can soak up the pressure and get all three points to make sure they finish third in the Premiership.

Wenger said: “Before this game, we are in a fantastic position and, if we win, we don’t need to look at anything else. We want to finish third.

“For long periods this season our fate has not been in our own hands, but it is now. We have to look at this final match as an opportunity, and one we have to take.

“I feel we are focused, switched on and I’m confident we’ll do well. For us it is just to find the right mixture – to be focused, combative and relaxed, and especially be faithful to play our football like we want to.

“We have known final days like this before, games where we’ve been playing for titles, or to qualify for the Champions League. We are used to coping with that.

“If we have more of the ball than West Brom, like we want to have, we will have more chances to win the game. That is what we will focus on. Just be faithful to the way we want to play football.”

“Three months ago, everybody would have been happy to be going into the final game with this situation. The Premier League is difficult. We came from a deep position in the league but, if you look at the way we’ve made to be where we are today, it’s remarkable.”

It certainly is remarkable, but Arsenal fans surely can’t help being apprehensive after four games without a win. I have to admit I am a little worried but praying that they can prove me wrong and win by a landslide!.

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One thought on “Wenger – We can cope with the pressure and we HAVE to win

  1. With only 2 wins in 7 and 1 of those against a doomed wolverhampton wanderers wenger is remarkably confident. certainly more confident than i am that my £80 for match and train tickets wont be a waste of money.

    my big fear is for our leaky defence without our best defender.

    coquelin and song must form a defensive barrier in front of the back 4

    jenkinson koscielny vermaelen gibbs with the 2 centre backs sitting tight.

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