Wenger – We need to pull away from Liverpool today


Arsene Wenger has been talking about Arsenal’s remaining targets for this season, and confirmed the importance of defeating Liverpool in their search for a Big Four finish.

“Chelsea, Newcastle and Liverpool are in the fight for the top four.

“We have a good opportunity to put Liverpool far behind us, and we want to take it.

“We are in a fight with Chelsea, especially being on the same level of points, so every point we can take now is vital until the end of the season. We know in the Champions¬ League¬ we have a massive score against us, but if we get a good result at Liverpool¬ I think we still have a chance.

“For us it’s important to confirm the game we played against Spurs at Anfield and then we can focus completely on the Champions League and have a real go.

“What we did in Milan was not what we usually do in the Champions League – I’m sure we’ll see a different Arsenal at the Emirates on Tuesday.”

Wenger has reportedly become a lot more active on the transfer market ever since the big disappointment against AC Milan, and we might be in for a very interesting summer transfer window if he’ll carry on in the same manner.

But to attract more players Arsenal could certainly do with putting Liverpool out of the race for Fourth Place today.

1 thought on “Wenger – We need to pull away from Liverpool today

  1. what change is this you are talkin about? u know the past 4 or so seasons AW has made same claims when we hit rock bottom and still made a fool of us at the end of those seasons,by been a hard linner,what has convinced u he’ll change this time around? even after the drama he caused at the begining of this season? we all love this club,1 or 3 wins like us beating liverpool today doesn’t still make his decisions right,he’s lowered our expectations from winners to people comfortable playin champions league.its high time these cat n mice games r stopped by change in management n get a tactically astute manager,who’s a disciplinarian n has a winning mentality.the team is stronger than AW if properly played/used/motivated just needs little polishing,n if thats done we’ll get back to trophy winning days

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