Wenger – Wilshere will be back from injury soon hopefully

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger spoke about England’s chances against France in the EURO 2012 group and also underlined the fact that the Lions need as much help they can get and that means having most of the players available.

The Frenchman also underlined the importance of Jack Wilshere and the fact that even if he gets back in form nobody can promise he’ll be good enough to go at the European with England.

“If all the players are available it is difficult to predict,” he added. “England have a disadvantage as they do not have [Wayne] Rooney, who is not only a good player but gives confidence in the dressing room.”

“Will [Jack] Wilshere be back? Hopefully. But no one has enough authority to predict a super favourite.”

Rooney’s absence could prove vital, but Wilshere will also be a very important piece of the puzzle if he manages to get back in the form which consecrated him. By then he will be 20 and he will have a lot to offer, and other Gunners like Walcott or even Chamberlain might bring an extraordinary aid to England’s success.

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