Wenger’s silence is good for Arsenal’s transfer hopes


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has always been a very private person. He doesn’t like to give away his transfer business and is very secretive on his thoughts regarding controversial issues. Wenger doesn’t like to get involved with matters because he knows that in most cases it can only do damage, not just to his reputation but possibly to further aspects of Arsenal football club.

In a recent press conference, Wenger was quick to point out he had no interest in discussing Luis Suarez. Although it’s good that in a sense this practically confirms from the manager’s mouth that we are interested in Suarez, he gave little away in saying how far down the line any potential deal is.

Wenger said: “I don’t want to speak about Suarez, because that is between Liverpool and Arsenal. We will completely respect what Liverpool wants to do. We want to (sign the player) if it is feasible in an amicable way. I am a great believer you have to keep as much confidentiality as possible, which is quite difficult in the modern world. But we work very hard, not only on the case you name, but on other different cases.”

I think it is right to give ultimate respect to Liverpool by not publicising the matter because it is a very difficult saga. It’s correct that Liverpool officials certainly haven’t held back in making their views known publicly with Rodgers, Ayre and Henry all speaking on the case to the worldwide media, however we must respect Liverpool in the sense that we cannot anger them otherwise there will be no chance of signing Suarez.

It may seem strange to say that and it seems as if we are being pushed around but to get the things you want sometimes you have to adapt. Luckily for Wenger it’s unlike him to speak publicly on deals anyway as shown by the comments above. This is partly because of respect to the clubs but also because speaking on such matters can also cause a deal to breakdown or change in terms. Higuain is a prime example of where his price became massively inflated because he was the media attraction. We lost out on Juan Mata because Chelsea became aware of our interest and quickly moved ahead to sign the Spaniard. Although Fabregas always wanted to return to Barcelona, it was the media that pushed him through with the constant speculation and Wenger’s clever nature to show he had never heard of Cazorla last year shows his secretive nature and the fact that managers must be careful in today’s media, so in most cases especially transfers Wenger is right to remain silent, no matter how frustrating it is for the fans.

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