Wenger’s Watford comments prove Arsenal MUST replace him


While I am fairly confident that Arsene Wenger does not get the Arsenal squad together before a big game and tell them that it is going to be easy and that they only have to turn up and put in the minimal amount of effort on the pitch in order to win, it sometimes looks like this has been the case.

You need look no further than the home defeat by Watford last night for a prime example of the Gunners not turning up and getting punished for a sloppy start. You do not have to cast your minds back all that long for another example of this Arsenal failing either, as we did exactly the same sort of thing away to Bournemouth, although the second half heroics of Olivier Giroud and all did at least salvage a point from that situation.

What really amazes me though, is the fact that we do not seem to learn from our mistakes. As well as the deja vu of the performances, we had the boss coming out with very similar comments after them. Arsenal.com reports the Frenchman sounding confused about why his team were so poor in the first half last night and if he doesn’t know, god help the rest of us.

Wenger said, “It’s not only frustrating because of the other results but because we didn’t produce the performance we want to produce. When you play at the top of the league like that, that is the most disappointing. It’s really worrying the way we turned up in the first half.

“We look disjointed, not dominating the duels. We were a bit unlucky as well because we paid very heavily for it and after that we responded very well in the second half but it was not enough.

“We prepared well for the game and we told them about what to expect, but it looked like mentally we were not ready for the fight that they gave us.

“Of course we want to respond against Chelsea. When you lose a game you want to respond straight away and we have to analyse well what happened and respond straightaway on Saturday in a very convincing way.”

Even if we do, though, and the lads play a blinder to beat Chelsea, how long will it be before another of these slack starts costs Arsenal again? If Wenger cannot fix it then I’m afraid it is time for the top brass at the club to make the big call and bring in someone who can, don’t you think?

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