Were Arsenal right not to buy Unai Emery’s top targets?

If Emery actually wanted these players, why didn’t Arsenal get them for him?

The ex-Arsenal coach, Unai Emery, according to reports, had asked the board to get him three players, who he was sure, was going to help him get Arsenal playing and winning games, the Arsenal way. The apparently, didn’t get him these players.

The three players, according to tribalfootball, are England centre-back Harry Maguire as a solution to the club’s defensive problems, and Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha, and Atletico Madrid’s Thomas Partey. These players are actually good enough to play for Arsenal, but would they have made a difference, if they were bought? Who knows?

Harry Maguire eventually moved to Manchester united, and from what I have seen of his games so far, he is not really spectacular. He maybe English and may have the experience of playing top flight football with Leicester City, but his game currently at United makes me feel he may not have been the solution to our defensive problems. The board may actually be commended for refusing to sign a player who may not add value to the team. Maguire was sold for over 80 million and spending this amount of money for a defender would not favour Arsenal.

Wilfried Zaha, the ever running and energetic player may well actually have added value to our team; but then, we thought about Pepe too. However, the difference is that Zaha had Premiership experience and Pepe had not played in England prior to his coming to Arsenal. Pepe is yet to justify his huge price tag but would Zaha have justified his, if he was bought by Arsenal? We never can say because he was not bought.

Thomas Partey, is a wonderful player but if his current form at Atletico Madrid is anything to judge from, then he may not have fitted well into the Arsenal system. Arsenal’s board may not have gotten these players probably because of their price tag, or because they felt they were not going to really add value to the team, but if these players were given to Emery, do you think they would have made Arsenal more formidable? I don’t think so? What of you?

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