Were Nasri and RvP right about Arsenal all along?

Has it ever occurred to you that those players that have left Arsenal over the last few years, when the club was on the brink of regaining success, were perhaps right in what they said about the club upon their departure, and ultimately were right to leave this football club – That is if it is still called Arsenal Football Club and not Arsenal Financial Company.

Without looking at the long list of players that have left Arsenal over the last 5 years or so, because honestly it would be extremely long and probably play on your emotions so much you wouldn’t be able to complete this list, let’s just pick out a few key players. Robin Van Persie, Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy, Alexander Hleb, Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor are the players we are going to look at because they all had a say on the club after their departure.

Firstly Fabregas is a player that I’m not particularly angered by leaving. He had always said he wanted to return to Barcelona one day and ultimately when the chance come he took it, after delaying the move for several years. I respect his decision and it’s more a feeling of anger knowing we lost one of our best players in the turn of the decade rather than he left us when we needed him most.

Then we come onto the Manchester City boys. Two of them have since departed from Manchester to join the likes of Liverpool and Spurs, but Nasri, Toure, Adebayor and Clichy all left for money. They were drawn in by the millions on offer, and honestly who would turn that down? We also must realise that they also went there because they knew they had a greater chance of success. City were building something special and aside from Adebayor, they have all gone on to gain glory.

Hleb is a player that regretted his move away from Arsenal and has spoken on several different occasions that he feels it’s one of his biggest mistakes, but aside from that he too was successful after moving away from Arsenal. He was even part of the Birmingham squad that won the Carling Cup against us! Hleb’s move was probably based around the dream of the club that is Barcelona and although he regrets it now, I’m sure he was probably right in the moment.

Lastly on to RVP, and he has turned into the most hated footballer and rightly so. Surprisingly he didn’t leave for money as he turned down City, although I’m sure he is still on a big wage package, but most importantly he did leave for trophies and look what he got. A Premier league title in his first season just goes to show that although he is wrong to force a move to a rival, he got success and that is all that’s important to him. Loyalty is nothing and as a professional you want to win trophies.

Were all these players right about what they said, with Arsenal lacking ambition and so it was best for them to move on? Although I don’t condone what they did you have to admit they were right. It’s a sad fact to admit, especially with RVP after carrying him and Nasri for creating him but seriously you can see why they left, Arsenal just don’t seem to have ambition. Even now we have money to spend, we are dithering and haggling over prices while City continue to snap up talent. Please prove me wrong Wenger!

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10 thoughts on “Were Nasri and RvP right about Arsenal all along?

  1. they the players that left arsenal were right wenger gorzilazidis crookenk are bloody greedy liers arsenal will NEVER WIN ANY THING as long as they are in charge @arsenal

  2. Arsene wenger get fellani,williams before its too late or else this will be arsenals worst season ever and i wont be surprised to see us end outside the champions league zone 5 or 6

  3. Suares is not a bad idea but what about players like diamanti,ben arfa,mcmanaman this players can make a difference

  4. They were 100% right b/c they left financial company(arsenal) for football clubs and glories. Sad to say these but with Wenger arsenal can’t get any trophy. Great shame for Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke and fool fans who still think Wenger is the right man for the place

  5. Wenger is a hindrance to Arsenal’s progress. With this board and Wenger in charge we are going nowhere! It’s a vicious cycle which will continue for the foreseeable future as long as they are in charge. We are back where we were in January, needless to mention the previous seasons. Wenger declared that he was going to be “very busy” in the January transfer window. But come January, nothing happened until Kieran Gibbs got injured against Liverpool and the manager was forced to sign Nacho Monreal on transfer deadline day. One moment he says the transfer window will be quiet because Europe is facing financial crisis, the next moment he’s complaining that teams were being allowed to buy too many players in the winter window, for example Newcastle — five to six players. Don’t expect Wenger, with one thousand and one tongues, to strengthen the squad. And don’t be surprised if players like Cazorla and Koscielny also decide to leave later because of lack of ambition. Remember, Cazorla pleaded with Wenger to replace Van Persie with another player of similar quality and nothing happened?

  6. One man is holding dis club ransome n dat man is arsene wenger. Y on earth hasn’t he signed a big name. Dis man is nt serious

    1. 100% correct and he will not sign because he still thinks he win something from nothing.

  7. Never going to happen I don’t believe wenger and korenke, infact am fade up about the rumours. Just tell us you don’t have the cash,

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