West Brom boss has BAD NEWS for Arsenal fans wanting Wenger out

We Arsenal fans may think that we are in the best position to know and understand the way that Arsene Wenger thinks and works, but his rival managers in the Premier League and around Europe are probably better placed. Being in the same line of work as well as coming into close contact must surely make them more aware of what makes Wenger tick.

And over the last decade or so the current boss of Arsenal’s opponents today has had more run ins with the Frenchman than almost anyone, so when the West Brom boss Tony Pulis gives his own take on the issue of whether Wenger will stay at Arsenal or leave at the end of the season, we should probably take heed.

For those Arsenal fans who want Wenger to go, Pulis’ comments reported in the Daily Mail do not make good reading, because the Baggies boss seems to think that Arsene is not going to jump and it does not look like the Arsenal board will pull the plug.

He said, ‘I get the feeling that Arsene most probably wants to be carried out in a box still managing a football club because that’s the way he is; he’s football nuts.

‘I really do think people at Arsenal have given him total trust. He will go down in history as the greatest Arsenal manager and I think he wants to manage for another five or six years by the sounds of it. They could finish in the top four and win the FA Cup. That would be a real tail-off!’

So there you have it Gooners! We could be in for another five years of Wenger.

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