What Would You Do If You Were Walcott?


Arsenal’s problems are far from being over, as French manager Arsene Wenger has admitted the fact that winger Theo Walcott has yet to extend his deal with the Gunners.

Walcott’s contract will run out next season, and according to the Frenchman the two sides have been unable to reach an agreement yet.  After speaking about Robin Van Persie’s leave, Wenger turned his attention to Walcott, saying:

‘We are still trying to extend his deal.’

‘When a player doesn’t want to stay you either force him or you let him go.’

‘We live in the economic reality which other clubs do not,’ said Wenger. ‘There are some things we cannot afford to do. It is as simple as that.

The discutions will probably have a positive outcome for the Gunners as Theo has announced that he will continue to negotiate. The announcement was made after the European tournament, when Walcott has stated that he is not interested in rumours speaking about a possible move to Juventus or Liverpool, and that he wants to extend his deal with the Gunners.

If Alex Song will also leave though, that would be a problem, because as a player of Walcott’s value, you want to have others just as valuable next to you. What do you think will happen?

9 thoughts on “What Would You Do If You Were Walcott?

  1. I will not listen to the “little boy inside me”, rather I will make the little boy cry,” STAY AT ARSENAL” if indeed I want a carrer

    1. Nice one Niyi. However, if I was Theo, I would just stay put at arsenal because I know that the only things I have going for me are my speed and flashes of brilliance.(since, well, he was almost rubbish yesterday).

  2. Arsenal board lucks ambition, players need to be paid well. We are not in the 90s yet the way we pay is like we are in the 90s.

  3. If I were Walcott I would be happy that anyone, anywhere wants me, and I would be practicing every single day on one of the most basic elements of any so called footballer, controlling the darn ball. I fail to understand what anyone sees in him and it speaks volumes when he is playing for England, that explains why they continue to fail on the international scene.


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