When’s the draw for the Europa League? Oh no! Arsenal’s not in it!


There will be lots of folk in Manchester waiting with bated breath to find out who their teams are playing in the Mickey Mouse Cup (sorry Europa Cup). I bet Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini is already preparing his speech to get their billion pound players gee-ed up to play in this fantasic competition……

Alex Ferguson is already looking forward to it. He said: “It is a competition we have never been in before. It does mean Thursday and Sundays throughout and that has to be dealt with. It is not the best but that is our penalty for not qualifying.” Haha!

Patrice Evra is also really looking forward to playing in the Europa League for the first time. He said: “I’ll be honest with you, the way I feel now it is Champions League or nothing but when we start playing in the Europa League we will try to win it.

“But of course I play for Manchester United to play in the Champions League. I am not ready for it because it is a new experience. Even if it is a friendly, when I pull on United shirt I do my best to win that trophy. But it is embarrassing to be in the Europa League.” Haha!

At Manchester City, their manager Roberto Mancini is already looking forward to winning the one competition he’s never won before. He said: “We will be back and we hope for better next year. We are a good team and we are sorry for our supporters and my players who deserve to play in the Champions League. But we need to improve. We got the hardest group, we knew that before the start.

“Our lives aren’t finished now, we will go into the Europa League and it is an important trophy for Manchester City. We need to win more trophies. Maybe now we think that the Europa League is not important but, if you arrive in the final, it is very important. I’ve never won the Europa League.” Haha!

One thing that is going to be good for Arsenal is that Man Utd and Man City will be playing on Thursday nights in some godforsaken place in front of 500 fans, while Arsenal will be challenging for Europe’s greatest prize. Haha! And hopefully they will also be tired when it comes to playing in the Premier League afterwards…….


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