Where are Arsenal’s set-piece experts?


Free-kicks are very important in a game. It is an opportunity for a team to score a goal, great teams have at one time or the other, scored important goals from the free-kicks situation. World class players like Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo and others, score free-kicks to save their teams from the jaws of defeat! Why does Arsenal find it difficult to score free-kicks? Don’t we have good free-kick takers in our team?

Free-kicks are scored by creative players; a footballer, who is skillful and knows how to create the works of art on the field of play, should be able to score free-kicks at will! Do we have skillful players at Arsenal? Yes, we do…..

Santi Cazorla: Fast, skillful and an eye for goal! He is the engine room of the Arsenal team; whenever he plays, the team plays well but whenever he is out of the team; the team finds it difficult to play. He has scored great goals from outside the penalty box and has a knack for playing powerful shots! But does he hardly score from the free-kick situations?

Mesut Ozil: A world-cup winner with the Germany national team. Very skillful with a good eye for a pass. He also loves to assist and just recently, he added goal scoring to his hobbies. He is an attacking player with class. I watched him score a wonderful free kick against Liverpool three seasons ago and I knew he could be a regular free kick scorer if only he practiced more. He is my candidate for taking free kicks but he needs to learn how to convert them to goals.

Alexis Sanchez: The Chilean international player is a world class player in all ramifications! He is fast, very skillful and a good dribbler. He is currently our highest goal scorer at Arsenal this season. Personally, I expected him to have mastered the art of scoring free kicks as this will aid him in his quest to score more goals. Sanchez should really step up and start scoring free kicks at will.

Granit Xhaka: The swiss international came to Arsenal with reputation for scoring goals from long ranges. He is a powerful shooter of the ball and has even scored goals from shooting positions at Arsenal! With his shooting abilities, one would have expected him to know how to score from free-kicks but I guess, we expected too much from him.

In all honesty, Arsenal should be scoring from free kick positions for fun but why that is not happening, I don’t really know. What can be done to turn our players to free kick scorers?

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