Where Arsenal Has to Improve in 2017

arsene-wenger-thearsenalblogArsenal only managed to finish second in 2016 and the fans, obviously, want the title. These are the aspects where the club has to improve for next season.

In modern-day football transfers are more important than ever. Clubs simply have to make transfers and buy the right players at the right time if they want to succeed. But transfers are a gamble. Sure, it takes careful scouting, but it is often down to luck. People who are willing to take a risk, often manage to make the right transfers. If you want to be successful in online casino gaming, luck is essential. However, if you play it smart, you may increase your chances. For example, if you check out this popular bonus site you will find a range of bonuses that will allow you to begin with a head start. Arsenal led by Arsène Wenger have made a lot of a successful transfers. Yet, the Gunners haven’t won a Premier League title since 2004 and no European title had been won yet. Obviously something needs to change, but what?

A Brief Look at Last Season’s Statistics

It is fair to say that Arsenal weren’t bad this last season. They beat Leicester twice and managed to finish second, ahead of Tottenham and City, not to mention United, Liverpool and Chelsea. We’re talking of Arsenal though, and second place simply isn’t good enough, the Gooners expect a title and they have every right to do so. Arsenal scored 65 goals in the Premier League and conceded 36. Many claim that Arsenal’s defence is the weak spot, but only Tottenham conceded few goals last season – 35. At the same time, all title rivals scored more goals than Arsenal, Leicester 68, Tottenham 69 and City 71. So, things aren’t the way they seem at first.

A Centre-Back Is a Top Priority

Giroud scored 16 and Sanchez 13 Premier League goals. Moreover, Giroud scored a total of 24 goals. It is clear that he can deliver. Let’s not be too bothered with statistics though. It is clear that we have some players of great quality, but it is also clear that improvements have to be made if Arsenal is to compete for the title. Laurent Koscielny isn’t what he used to be and even though he might have few good seasons ahead of him, there is an imminent need for a centre-back, not to mention the fact that Arsenal simply can’t rely on Mertesacker anymore. Wenger simply has to bring in a good, strong centre-back this summer. That is a must. There have been quite a few suggestions in the press and we believe that Wenger will make the right choice.

The Midfield Looks Alright

Elneny is a great talent and there is a bright future ahead of him, and Özil is, of course, irreplaceable. Aaron Ramsey remains part of the team and with Granit Xhaka brought to the squad this summer it looks like the midfield is doing alright. However, we must not forget that Arteta, Flamini and Rosický all left the club this summer and that will leave a hole that has to be filled. We feel that another central midfielder might have to be brought in, but too much focus shouldn’t be placed on that. Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshere are both quite young and can prove to be useful for the club, so looking for a winger shouldn’t be top priority. Of course, it would’ve been great if we managed to secure the transfers of both Vardy and Mahrez, but it is clear that this is not going to happen.

A New Striker Might Come in Handy

http://thearsenalblog.com/deaf-and-dumb-dating-site-in-san-jose-california/There are a lot of discussions whether Arsenal needs a new striker or not. Welbeck is here, but he hasn’t really been on his top form. We also have Yaya Sanogo, but to be honest, despite his efforts, the lad just isn’t top class and we need top class if we want to compete for the title. We obviously won’t be able to get Vardy, therefore a new solution has to be sought. A powerful striker, preferably one who is younger and/or faster should be a transfer priority. All in all, Arsenal won’t have to invest much, as there are quite a few quality players in the current roster, but the right transfers will have to be made. We believe Wenger still has what it takes to lead the club to a new EPL title and perhaps even European success.

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