Although it was always unlikely that Wayne Rooney would make the same transfer between rivals that Robin Van Persie did last year, the England striker who is reported to be extremely unhappy at Manchester United, seems to be almost certain that he won’t be swapping Manchester for London and Arsenal.

Throughout the summer, Arsenal have been consistently linked with Rooney after it was reported he had handed in a transfer request to leave the Premier League Champions. He was then denied the chance to have his request accepted and so to an extent this made him ever more eager to leave, not to mention the fact that David Moyes was announced as the new United manager.

Moyes and Rooney have been at conflict since the striker left Goodison Park all those years ago, and the pair have had crunch talks in the last few days and according to speculation the England International will be staying at Old Trafford. And these reports were deemed true when new manager Moyes yesterday stated that Rooney was not for sale.

The former Evertonian boss told the media, “Wayne Rooney is not for sale. He’s a Manchester United player and will remain a Manchester United player. I’ve had several meetings with Wayne, he’s training brilliantly well, he’s come back in good shape and I really look forward to working with him.”

Now I never really believed that Arsenal could sign Rooney this summer, mainly because of the financial side of things rather than the prestige of the club and so I’m not overly disappointed by the news. There was a point when a deal did seem possible and this is when we weighed out his options and Arsenal looked like his only choice if he was to remain in England, however of course now all this talk should be put to one side and forgotten.

There’s still a chance he could sign, but there’s no more chance then there is of signing any high profile player and so I firmly believe for the financial side as well as the situation surrounding the story, Arsenal should just focus on wrapping up Gonzalo Higuain after weeks of speculation.

Assuming that Higuain will soon be a Gunner, which other players would you like to see Wenger going for?

3 thoughts on “Where do Arsenal go instead of Rooney?

  1. I’ve said it b4, pls just three players and we are good to go: Higuain-Fellaini-Cesar and that’s all. I included Micah Richard in my first opinion but that Pelle something doesnt wnt to sell him, according to press report.

  2. Complete Higuain deal.
    get Kevin Strootman- will complete out midfield for next 5-8 years!! Good Dm,CM and left winger in rotation with Podolski and Cazorla.
    Get RB Hiroki Sakai, young and ALOT of potential, could play CB too. If not him, get
    Micah Richards- who supports Arsenal and City want to sell.


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