Which Defensive Midfielder do Arsenal fans want?

Since Patrick Viera left for Juventus in 2005, Arsenal fans have always wished for someone of his stature to protect our back four. Over the years, Arsenal has been linked with countless defensive midfielders. It was almost as if every single decent defensive midfielder was linked with a move to Arsenal.

That is how pressing the issue was as Arsenal were repeatedly exposed to quick counter attacking opposition. The fact that Arsenal were a team that is usually on the offense just made us more vulnerable to the counter attack.

Someone who was willing to do the ‘dirty work’ was sorely needed. Who suits Arsenal the best? Let us evaluate this from our recent linkages to players from other clubs.

In my point of view, Lars Bender would be the best option overall for Arsenal in teams of price, wages and ability. Playing in the German Bundesliga, he has faced the talented offensive midfielders of Dortmund and Bayern. Thus, he would not lack the experience of facing top teams.

Khedira on the other hand is also one player I would love to see on the Arsenal team. With his international and club experience, he would be a dream to have. However, he is expecting Ozil’s wages and to me, that is too much and I would rather not have him.

What do you guys think? Which defensive midfielder you want most donning the Arsenal jersey?

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9 thoughts on “Which Defensive Midfielder do Arsenal fans want?

  1. Javi Martinez all the way if reports are true that he could be available. Otherwise agree with Bender. Khedira &
    Carvalho are over-valued, although both good players. Would have to sell some squad players if Wenger’s to splash the cash again. Love what Arteta’s done but think he’s passed his best and if he wants to play regularly then maybe time to move on.

  2. I would love the best midfielder in the world thats marchirano alternatively khedira or benda.
    we need a better replacement fo veira

  3. diaby could have been Vieira perfect replacement if not for his injury problem. let’s hope dis season will be d end of his injury palava & stop being selfish & also stop holding d ball for too Lng which is cause of his injury bcs d lng u hold d ball d more are kicked & get rough.

  4. I prefer lars bender than any defensive midfielder in the world his better than william carvalho pls wenger go for lars bender his no non-sense DM in the world

  5. Please let’s forget about Khedira because I can’t see him being given the wage he wants at Arsenal. I wouldn’t subscribe to him being given such wage either. Let Wenger go for Bender but my greatest concern is in the central defense. He needs to sign one in case of injuries to the permanent two we have as happened last season.

  6. Lars Bender is not an Arsenal player. Good in the tackle and in the air but dreadful at pass completion and creativity. It would be equivalent to buying Jedinack from Crystal Palace. An Arsenal player needs to be better in possession than Lars Bender.

  7. Jordy Clasie is probably the best yound Defensive Midfielder out there but his club say that he is not available.

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