Who are Arsenal’s BIGGEST rivals for Title and Trophies?

Although there may not be any Premier League action for us to enjoy this weekend with the international break taking over club football for the next few days, it’s time to have a quick look at some of our main competitors in the league now that the transfer window has fully closed.

First of all the signing of Mesut Ozil has meant that a lot of people view Arsenal as title contenders once again. Although being quite pessimistic, I must admit that I disagree with this because I still think we lack in several areas of the pitch as well as in terms of squad depth and for those reasons I doubt we can have the sustainability to go through the entire season and go onto win the league.

I also don’t think that Ozil alone can massively change a team like Bale did for Spurs because although Ozil is a fantastic player, I feel the other areas on the pitch may let us down but until we see the team perform together for the first time, against Sunderland, I guess we just won’t know.

So secondly and onto our rivals. Like I said, I don’t consider us to be major title contenders although of course I hope my opinion is quickly proven wrong, but I do think we will persist strongly to the end and possibly get 3rd place at best.

Therefore I consider Chelsea and Spurs as our main rivals! Chelsea for me are pretty clear, because they will challenge for the league right to the end and with Jose Mourinho back at the helm they could be in for an interesting season, however what a lot of people seem to fail to recognise is the fact that just because Mourinho is back, it doesn’t guarantee Chelsea a trophy this season.

Then we come onto Spurs, who despite losing the newly world record holding Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, have strengthened very well and ultimately as much as I hate to say it, have bought very efficiently with their money. Of course it wasn’t enough for them to beat the mighty Arsenal in the North London derby last weekend, however on paper the likes of Soldado, Lamela, Eriksen and Paulinho are all excellent signings and if they manage to gel together they could have a very strong team.

Its difficult to know what Arsenal’s position is going to be like in the league this season because so many ruled us out of the top four early on with everyone (bar United) strengthening, however that late deal for Ozil seems to have swung many minds and although it hasn’t managed to completely convince me that we will be title contenders, I do think it puts us in a very good position to grab 3rd place once again.

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One thought on “Who are Arsenal’s BIGGEST rivals for Title and Trophies?

  1. arsenal have squad depth for midfield n defence..

    but r short on wings n on striker..

    with podolski out

    there’s only giroud n theo..
    n on wings only theo..
    no other first team winger..

    i guess wenger will play 4-5-1…now

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