Who can Arsenal turn to if Suarez and Higuain don’t sign?

As any Arsenal fan will understand, you have to be worried about the current problems that the club faces in the transfer window concerning Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Suarez. Liverpool seem to want £55 million according to some newspapers although the more reliable ones report that £40 million should do it.

Real Madrid have slowed down any negotiations for Higuain and to me that deal seems to be off now. It will be a miracle if we see Higuain in England by the time the transfer window closes. We can probably forget about Wayne Rooney as he will follow the money.

Stevan Jovetic, who was one of Arsenal’s targets earlier in the summer is moving to Manchester City after they agreed to sign him for £22 million which is strange considering Fiorentina wanted over 25 from Arsenal to even consider letting him go. Jovetic is now out of the club’s reach which brings a big problem.

Who will Arsenal sign if neither of these three players secure a move to the club? Well so far there haven’t been many other strikers linked with Arsenal this summer, well nothing that looks possible at least. Let’s hope Arsene Wenger has more players on his shortlist if he can’t secure anybody else’s signature. To help him out I have drawn up my own list.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
At 31 years old, this would be a strange purchase for Arsenal but the man has world class ability and no less will do this summer. With the arrival of Edinson Cavani at PSG, there have been reports that Ibrahimovic wants to leave so he can be the main man. Real Madrid may or may not be interested but Arsenal can act fast and sign him before anybody even expected it.

Roberto Soldado
He is a target for Tottenham which would make signing him all the more satisfying. He is a top, top striker who has been Valencia’s top player since he arrived a few years ago. If we were to sign him, he would give us goals and a high work rate but more importantly goals.

Christian Benteke
Another Tottenham target and after one season he has proven that he can cut it in the Premier League. At Aston Villa he would spearhead attacks alone and drive into the defence making him a force to be reckoned with. Many people would love to see him at Arsenal next season including me.

Fernando Torres
He hasn’t been able to score like he did in 2009 but he has developed into a great team player recently. His scoring record isn’t that bad either he still got over 20 last season and he could really fit in with players like Santi Cazorla and the other Spanish boys. With the amount of strikers Chelsea have (and still recruiting) going into next season, Torres could be picked up fairly cheap.

Thomas Muller
This one is a long shot but he is a great player. He has goals and all round ability and if we are lucky, Pep Guardiola may not find room in his team for Muller possibly making him available if the right offer comes along. He is one of Bayern’s best players but then again I said that about Mario Gomez just one year ago and look where he is today.

There are still options other than Suarez and Higuain but Wenger needs to act before the new season starts and we find ourselves with Olivier Giroud and Yaya Sanogo trying to scare the defences of top European clubs. A world class striker is one of the missing pieces at Arsenal at the moment, don’t let us down boss.

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12 thoughts on “Who can Arsenal turn to if Suarez and Higuain don’t sign?

  1. I think wenger will bring in a strikers and a DM coz this are the two positions that need agent attention i don’t blame le prof he is old fusion he daz his transfers slowly lets keep clam and have faith in him

  2. One thing Arsene Wenger does is ALWAYS lets us down. 8 years of failure, excuses and mediocrity.

  3. Wenger will not buy any proven striker. In fact everyone seem to admit that Arsene needs a striker. He already has Sonogo whom he would try to train into a star. What he wants is probably another youngster full of prospects that will not take the place of Gorould or Podolski.
    Hugain, Rooney, Suarez are all part of a scheme to lure the fans. Once they are all settled, then Wenger will come for the real names of those he wants to buy. We would be unable to say anything as he would disclose that he tried his best to obtain a top-top player but the thing was not possible due to x problems etc.
    How could Jovetic go to city for 22m? He was set for a price that Wenger and Gazidis could realistically afford!When and Why did Arsene switch his choice to Hugain, then Rooney, then Suarez. These are all decoys for the fans. We will end up with youngsters with plenty of potential that Wenger will be thriving to develop.
    AFC will no more win anthing decent with Wenger except money and contracts. He and Gazidis and the press are making a lot of noise about a 70m war chest so as to fill the stadium and convince a nice part of the younger generation about the team’s intentions and Sponsors also. By any means, whether proven players are bought or not, sponsors will be happy as sales (shoes, shirts, emirate’s name etc) would have increased due to the noise on every media.
    The only ones who would not be satified are the fans. But Wenger and Stan do not give a damn, does they?

    1. It could be still more sinister. It has been laid on the line by the board that we have money to spend and the manager must spend it. What if he does not want mature, world stars but wants to do it his way (yet again) by bringing on emerging stars. Hence he may be appearing to chase Rooney etc but with not intention of pulling it off. Remember Park who was/is a decent international striker. He was bounced upon Wenger partly for merchandise reasons. Wenger’s retaliation ? Not to play him.

  4. also read do they instead of…. In fact i added stan at the last moment and forgot to correct the last part of the sentence.

  5. Wenger is no longer capable ,He do not have the magic wand anymore Age is now Against him and he don’t have good judgments anymore ,His indecision is becoming apparent to everybody to see that is why they keep on telling us (fans) lies

  6. Rubbish post,stupid article.Shortlisting ibra as one of arsenal target is the most stupid thing i’ve ever read.Nice try to capture our attention.

  7. Arsenal will not buy any more striker..They are using the world class striker names to sell the ticket…My fellow arsenal don’t dull yourself,we are not a fool after 8 years..

  8. For the reason that football is full of passion thus, Wenger is using all his right he thought is his techniques to abuse the feelings of Arsenal Fan. I have being suffering this cheap politics for the past eight years including billions of other but I pity more those that are financially involved. Personally I hate it right now when Giround is pretending to prove himself by scoring in the pre season, that will help Wenger to decive Arsenal fans at the end of the transfer window. I’m not impress with him cuz he is not a reliable attacker. I was watching Transfer talk on Talk Sport when they were making analyses of Ronney would prefer to join a senior teams over Arsenal and Chelsea was measured as a senior team, I felt insulted but I had a second thought on it and agreed it was the truth. Wenger when are we going to be proud again!!!!

  9. These people are going too far in toying with d emotions of d fans all over d world,most especially those in England.Why can’t d fans show a little dissentment by protesting against d Coach approach n d board or fix a day n call on all Arsenal fans anywhere in d world to carry placards peacefully to show these people dat we are not fools after all.Tickets sales is d number one priority for them now,so they peddling rumours in d media.

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