There have been a lot of rumours linking several players to a move to Arsenal in the summer especially after the horrible season the Gunners seem to be having. Many fans blame the situation on Wenger and some blame it on the outgoings, but all of them agree that the players brought to the club weren’t good enough.

Players like Gotze, Podolski, Giroud, Hazard and M’Vila are only a very small few of those who have been linked with a move to the Emirates Stadium in the summer.

Arsenal’s manager is likely to go for a few of them but nobody can really tell who will be brought in. The situation at the club is becoming a bit weary and there’s a clear indicator that changes need to be made, but who do you think it would be best to join?

In my opinion the biggest problem the club faces at the moment is the midfield section where the likes of Rosicky and Ramsey ruin everything for the Frenchman. Sure Ramsey does catch a good match every now and then but otherwise he’s far from being Arsenal quality, so perhaps the best thing for Wenger to do is to transfer Gotze and perhaps M’Vila or Hazard. Any two of these three players would change the club’s face and would revive Arsenal’s brilliant spirit.

22 thoughts on “Who Should Arsene Go For In The Summer?

  1. For me the starting point is 7 players 6 of them will cost a decent fee. samba vertonghen mvila gotze hazard podolski and hoilett.

    This lot should be sold or released to make way for them with any available spaces going internally.

    fabianski almunia squillaci hoyte diaby denilson eastmond rosicky arshavin park chamakh vela bendtner benayoun murphy

  2. sell djouro saqallaci diaby arshavin rosicky walcot chamakh parke bendtner parbiaski mannone vela send ramsey loan buy falcao/higuin harzard podlski gotze mvilla samba krul

  3. dont know why arsenal fans dont like diaby he is exceptional i was watching one france game where he in the midfield was amazing. its his mentality and injuries ot fix!
    Ramsey is very young so give him 2 years or so, Walcott needs to go, wilshere is future captain.
    M vila is a must. i believe we need a link player Gotze or hazard and podolski for rvp backup

  4. I really hope wenger wont be here,i would not trust him to spend money,he would buy players that are cheap and nasty,get rid of at least 10 players,get a new manager,lets moove foward instead of taking this great club backwards.

  5. Everybody knows that Wenger lied to the fans for the past 8yrs. He buys kids and sells them on profit before they help the club during thier full performance,so how can I believe him? Totally Wenger should leave out,and Gardiola or Moriniho come in we get relief and win some trophies .

  6. I wonder why people say sell PARK, he has not given the chance to shine at all, We do not know why Arsene Wenger bought him, but he does have potential!! That goal he scored against Bolton was a sign of what he could do. Arsene Wenger should give him more games, i understand that he was suppose to play more since Chamakh was gone for ACN!! but instead King Henry was there, and i understand Henry is awesome, but the promise that Park was suppose to see more games was not upheld. I think if i was Wenger i would give Park more games than Chamakh, time and time again Chamakh has not shown he could do it, but Park has shown he is dedicated to the club and puts everything he has. He had the option to join Lille FC, where he can play more games than he has now,with a good chance of being first team there, but instead he chose the GREAT ARSENAL, but now he has not been given the chance and lost his Captain position in Korea because he has not played enough games. He has proven he can score in the international stage(even though it might not been great teams he played against) but he still prove he could score.

  7. sell almunia, flapyhandski, DJ20, squillaci, gibbs, ramsey, rosicky, ashavin, chamakh, vela, bendtner, denilson, park or release those who offers didn’t come for them. Then, get vorm, samba, vertoghen, gotze, hazard, podolski, and if walcott has to go get oliver giroud and give guys on loan some chance in the squad, guys like campbell, miyachi, lansbury.

  8. Seling all these players will be too harsh and wont be necesary.only players do not make a team but i tink the management as wel as the fans expected to ofer suport at any time.even if al those players arrive and the management does not put things right we stil wont win trophies .so until wenger learns to vary his tactics towards each game we would keep losing.dont 4get chelsea are in crises just as we cos of tactical problems so even if al those players come wenger should go if we want to get the best out of them

  9. The best thing for Arsenal s Wenger stays, Board gives him 100 million pounds for transfers. Sell Squillaci, Denilson, Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone, chamakh, arshavin, diaby… Buy Hazard, M’Vila, Goetze, Vertongen, Zaha, a few new keepers and Arsenal can be back to winning trophies!

    Bottom line Wenger, the board, or whoever is accountable for the lack f performance and ambition this fine club has shown need to step up to the plate, invest, and praise the club they own!

  10. I believe that only a few players would be enough. Arsenal can sell Bendtner, Chamakh and Park while bringing in Podolski and promoting Afobe. vela can also be brought back. Otherwise, he can also be sold and either one of Campbell or Wellington can be recalled from loan, keeping in mind the work permit issues.

    In mid-field, Arshavin, Denilson, and Diaby can be sold. benayoun will be gone as well. Either one of Hazard, Goetze or Gourcuff can be bought, coupled with any unhappy creative midfielder from Real Madrid (there are plenty). Ozyakup, Eisfeld and Lansbury should be given the opportunity from the reserves.

    Almunia should be sold pronto. Of the defenders, Squillaci and Djourou are out for me. Bartley must be called back from loan and given a chance. Miquel has done enough to be given more chances. Maybe another defender young defender, 22 or 23 yr old, can be bought. Experienced players like Samba or Vertonghen, if bought would demand playing time every week. We cannot play 6 defenders in the game, unless Vermaelen or Vertonghen are played in mi-field, which I think would be a very good option.

  11. Sell aluminia,squilaci,djourou,arshavin,bendtner and buy goetze,podolski,m’vila,vertogen and come and get me in Nigeria am a good left back.

  12. Sell almunia, djourou, squillaci, bendtner, denilson, chamakh, arshavin, diaby, who doesn’t deserve to be playing for a team like arsenal….and bring in podolski, goetze, hazard…

  13. The idea of swapping Walcott for Hazard, that woulds be a great exchange for Arsenal. Getting to sell the likes of Almunia, Schilachi, DJourou, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Ramsey, Arshavin, Bendtner and Vela will not be bad one though i think Wenger would in his usual i hope they can be useful stance not let Djourou, Diaby, Ramsey Arshavin and Vela leave.

    Of course, get Gotze, Hazard, ( either Pappis Cisse, Llorient Fernando or Podoski), Samba and Vertghothen. % players and team is ready

  14. Get shot of flappy, manuel, squids, dj, Gibbs, song, Ramsey, rosicky, arshavin, Walcott, diaby, vela, bendtner, chamakh and park, I know it sounds ridiculous but these players have had their chance an will free up a huge amount of weekly wages, bring in Vorm, Baines, Gotze, M’Vila, Hazard, Cavani, Huntelaar, imagine a line up of :
    Sagna. Vertonghen. Vermealen. Baines
    Hazard. Jack. Gotze
    Cavani. RVP


    Seriously how good would that squad/ team be? We would smash it and apart from Cavani they should all be within reach, come on you gunners

  15. In my very opinion, I want arshavin,rosicky,chamak,bendtner,squilachi,djourou,diaby,vela should be sold out. And players like hazard,podolski,gotze,n two strong defenders should also be bought.

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