Arsenal are already doing amazingly well with the squad we have, especially when you add in the factor of having had almost a whole first team sidelined with injury for most of the season so far. But Arsenal will need an enormous amount of luck to get through the whole season like that without it costing us the chance of a trophy.

So I am assuming that Arsene Wenger is going to go into the transfer market in January, and that a top quality striker is going to be top of his wish list. The question is, who will we target, and how likely are we to get the player we want? Usually in January, top quality players are even harder to find than usual, but there have been stories in the papers over the last few days suggesting that four big names could possibly be available this time around.

David Moyes is apparently planning to do a lot of business in January, and part of that could be to sell Wayne Rooney. There were all sorts of stories flying around about Rooney and United this summer, and the issue may not have been resolved. Luis Suarez and Liverpool are in a similar situation, and there have been suggestions in the paper that he could be moving on as well.

Robert Lewandowski has denied that he has already agreed to go to Bayern Munich when his contract expires with Dortmund next summer. This means that he can sign a pre-contract deal with clubs in January, and there will surely be a host of big clubs challenging for his services. But Arsenal need a striker for the latter half of this season, and Dortmund are unlikely to sell him in January, but you never know.

Karim Benzema’s days look numbered at Real Madrid, as his form has deserted him. But he is under huge pressure in Madrid and a change of scene could be just what he needs, while he is likely to be available at a knockdown price of less than £20 million. So, Gooners, who do you want?

5 thoughts on “Who’s best for Arsenal? Rooney, Suarez, Benzema or Lewandowski?

  1. i will prefer suarez or rooney but if not assepted lewan should be rader. But if it will go well suarez is the man that understand & kno were the goal post is.

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