Who is to blame for AWFUL Arsenal show v Monaco?

I understand that the buck normally stops with the manager and a lot of Arsenal fans will surely think that Arsene Wenger has a lot to answer for this morning. The players were not properly motivated and our tactics just fell apart. And keeping the terrible Mesut Ozil on for the whole game was just bizarre.

But Ozil was far from being the only Arsenal player that had a shocker. Not one of them played well in fact. Welbeck and Sanchez dropped deep and came central to rob us of any width, the full backs neglected their defensive duties, Koscielny and particularly Mertesacker made bad decisions and just defended poorly in general.

Maybe Francis Coquelin can hold his head up but the reckless tackle that got him booked forced him to be more cautious and Wenger to finally replace him. In my opinion though, the most blame should fall on Olivier Giroud. His hold up play was poor and he didn’t link the play but the biggest problem was him spurning chances.

Arsenal had chances, good chances to score, before and after Monaco did. Every time Giroud missed it made us panic more and gave Monaco extra belief that this was their night. The big striker should be having a long look at himself today.

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One thought on “Who is to blame for AWFUL Arsenal show v Monaco?

  1. We were playing a top team. If you start with Cazorla, Mert and Giroud down the spine of your team- none of whom can close down or run- you are inviting disaster. No midfield control means no space for Ozil or Sanchez. No space for them means struggle. If we had taken our chances…. I might not be writing this but why pick a team to fail when we had runners on the bench?

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