I could hardly believe what I was reading earlier today. It seemed like Im was getting an Arsenal injury update, but not from Arsene Wenger, it was from Roy Hodgson. Since when did the England manager have more say about what happens with Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain than his own club?

Don’t get me wrong, I am an England fan and would love for Wilshere and Chamberlain to be fit for international duty. And if they go and perform at the World Cup in Brazil, as long as they don’t get injured, it will be great news for the Gunners.

What is bothering me at the minute is that, despite all the problems that Arsenal have had to cope with on the injury front, the suggestion in the Mirror report is that Wenger is deliberately keeping the pair back so that they will be fine this summer. Am I missing something here?

Is this the same Arsene Wenger who overplayed Mesut Ozil, Ramsey and many more until they picked up knocks and we had to scrape by without them? It is not even as if Arsenal have got so many players that we can afford to do without a few, especially the likes of Jack and the Ox.

Is this one more sign that Wenger has lost it, or is just too lenient with his players? Is it time for the Frenchman to get tough?

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