Why are other managers getting involved in Arsenal’s problems?

Good day friends, hope you all enjoying our much-needed break? Well, I tried my best to enjoy my week despite Arsenal losing again! To be honest with you all, I was emotionally down after our lose to West From but then, I just had to move on with life! It is of no use depriving myself of happiness over a club that acts like my happiness as a fan, don’t matter to them!

Well, to the issue on my mind….I read stories on skysports.com and the story that forced a reaction from me was the one about Tony Pulis confidently saying he believes Arsene Wenger will remain as coach of Arsenal for a long time; which means Wenger is not ready to leave Arsenal now. Wow! So Wenger has hired Pulis as his spokesperson or what? Why is Pulis so much interested in what goes on in our club? Is he a relation to Mr. Wenger or what? Could other coaches just learn to face their jobs and stop supporting Wenger indirectly to stay?

Just some weeks back, it was reported in virtually all the papers, what Antonio Conte felt concerning Wenger’s situation at Arsenal. The Chelsea coach felt and still feels, that the fans of Arsenal are being too harsh on Wenger, claiming that Wenger deserves some respect and love for all he has done at Arsenal (as if we didn’t know that).

According to him, the fans were wrong in asking for a change of manager at their own club! Conte, in case you have forgotten, you are working at Chelsea football club and as you may be aware, when results start bad, you will be sacked! Getting hired and getting fired, is all part of a coach’s life sir! If the fans feel Wenger needs to go, it is not because they don’t respect or appreciate him for all he has done, it is simply because they feel he is gone stale as a coach and needs to leave the club to allow a younger coach with fresh ideas to run the club!

As for Tony Pulis, i guess you enjoyed the way your club mercilessly dealt with Arsenal and you wish this will always be the situation. You are afraid of playing an Arsenal team being coached by a progressive manager! Well, the sad thing is, nothing lasts forever sir. You have always had it easy against Arsenal and that is because we have a coach who enjoys doing the same things all over again, while expecting different results. Well, the fans are tired of losing and they are seriously agitating for a change in how the club is being run. This is beyond Wenger sir, this is a movement for a better Arsenal.

Sorry, if I sound harsh to Tony Pulis but i just wish he and other coaches can stay out of our affairs! Wenger does not need other coaches to convince him to stay. He needs to leave after this season because that is the logical thing to do. All these coaches supporting Wenger, are they doing it because of professional courtesy or for selfish reasons?

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One thought on “Why are other managers getting involved in Arsenal’s problems?

  1. well you need to calm down a little bit Mr. U should know that Arsene Wenger has done a lot for the club and what wil u say if a new manager comes in and even takes as to 12 or even down. Be careful for what u say and let us try to work as a team to bring stability to the team and try to fine out what we can do and bring in success.

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