Why Arsenal have a REAL threat from Spurs this season

We might still see Arsenal’s north London rivals Tottenham suffer their annual collapse which allows the Gunners to have finished above them in the Premier League table for as long as most of us can remember, but I would not put money on it Gooners.

Their performance in beating the league leaders Chelsea on new years day was thoroughly convincing and has got me seriously worried that they might finally pip Arsenal to the final Champions League position, assuming that Chelsea, Man City and Man United take the top three spots.

In Harry Kane they have talented and in form striker who knows where the goal is and offers a lot more besides with his tireless running. And unlike the former Arsenal striker Adebayor, his attitude seems to be right. They do have a strong squad as well, with all the money they spent in recent years actually starting to pay off, as the likes of Lamela and Chadli settle in.

And in Mauricio Pochettino they have a very talented young manager who proved with Southampton last season that he can do well in England. So if I was Arsene Wenger and his players, I would be very concerned about the spuds and would not expect them to slip up as usual.

But if Arsenal get some key players back from injury and start to find some form and consistency, I still think we should be able to overhaul them. But it could be a very close and nervous end to the season indeed for Arsenal fans. Will we do it?

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One thought on “Why Arsenal have a REAL threat from Spurs this season

  1. Spend Wenger spend some money. New players will be major boost for the club in this stage. Wenger sometimes reminds me to those old people want to keep the money to their death. I don’t want to be in Spuds dvd history collection of the century. Spend some our money. Maybe Kroenke want to keep the money to himself.

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