Why Arsenal should consider taking Vela back

Arsenal could sign Carlos Vela back for as little as £3.5 Million because of a buy back clause that was included in his contract when he moved to La Liga club Real Sociedad. The Spanish club are one of the teams that Arsenal could face in the Champions League two legged play-off in August.

Vela has been an outstanding player at Sociedad and has been a major factor in the club getting into the Champions League. He scored 14 goals in 36 games for them last season but has been even more active in assists. For a striker, he does everything you can possibly need as he scores plenty of goals and creates chances for others around him.

At Arsenal he was never really given many opportunities to show his ability other than in cup games and short appearances off the bench. He only ever scored 3 goals in his entire time at Arsenal but he only made 29 appearances and as said before, many of them were short games where he came off the bench.

Arsenal have almost certainly signed Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid, but Arsene Wenger was also chasing Stevan Jovetic earlier this month before apparently losing interest. Jovetic is more of a support striker, but Carlos Vela could also be bought and used as Higuain’s support. He has proved at Sociedad that he can act as a supporting striker and still get goals.

The Mexican would also be a significantly cheaper option than Wayne Rooney who has become a support striker in recent seasons. The media are reporting that Rooney wants to go to Barcelona so Arsenal are probably out of the race for him ,if they were even ever in it, which I doubt.

Vela will know many of the players already at Arsenal which is an added bonus as he will already have good relationships in place and know the staff and how the club works.

What are you waiting for Wenger, you can buy a supporting striker who can score, assist and who already knows the club for just £3.5 Million.

Sign him up.

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6 thoughts on “Why Arsenal should consider taking Vela back

  1. Vela couldn’t handle the pace and physicality of the prem. La liga gives him the time and space he needs to have the desired impact. It’s a shame cos he’s fantastic technically.

  2. This is another xxxx article, possibly inserted via Vela’s agent to help with some negotiation or other. Vela was never given much chance but there is nil room for himm back at the Emirates … and everybody knows it.

  3. Yes you obviously want him but in our lineup who wd you take out to play him?
    Cazorla or Walcot? Even old regulars like Artetta may find it hard to nail down a place regularly with depth and quality of team improved.

  4. Great post, to me I really want vela back because I don’t see how jovetic will be fit into the team than Vela. Vela is a top finisher and good in assist with positioning more like Higuain, Vela can also play from the left. Something really do happening in arsenal team that I don’t understand, Walcot was giving a lot of time in that team which was not giving to another player, and yet Walcot is on/off. Vela, coquellin and Eisfield, then let’s talk of this other 3 players Gervinoh I believe no mater how bad you fans think he might be, he is the best dribbler in that team and when giving a run of match either good or bad he always improve but when he get to understand the coach will take him out, the same thing happen to the 2 other players, Djouruo and Bentner. But yet either Walcot and Ramsey good or bad they will play the whole match day in day out. I will drag whit you today that Ramsey is not better than conquelin, geroud is not better than Bentner but yet we crying for new player. Have try to understand something Mr wenger will always use his stupid players and tactics early of the season but when we lost everything then he start winning, I now realize that he does change his team at the 3rd quarter of the season then we start praising him, just like what he did to Rosicky. When his fit he will never play him until we lost everything, just watch what he will do to him next season. Pardon my spelling pls.

    1. Walcott isn’t on/off, especially after last season.
      Gervinho is awful and isn’t good enough for Arsenal
      Ramsey is better than Coquelin
      Giroud is miles better than Bendtner
      Djourou is good but not good enough for Arsenal

      So basically what you’re saying is that we don’t need to make any signings? Get really, it’s like you don’t even know anything about football. Also, learn how to spell players names, it isn’t hard at all. Moron fool.

  5. I don’t tink bringing Vela back is de solution we have de ox on de bench nd certaining Vela will find it difficult to play cup matches. Higuain, Fellaini, nani/Grenier, Cesar, Rooney will end our trophyless Seasons

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