Why Arsenal should go all out for Dzeko not Michu!!

As rumours fly around that Arsenal are set to give up on Liverpool and Uruguayan international striker Luis Suarez, the news picks up that we will instead look to Manchester City’s Edin Dzeko and Swansea City’s Michu. In my opinion both of these players are good and arguably at the top of their game right now considering their respective performances last season, however are they good enough to be not just an Arsenal player, but to lead our front line.

For me the answer is simple. Dzeko would add real quality to our side, whilst Michu wouldn’t be a success at Arsenal. It’s not because of the relatively small representation he may have in comparison to other players, nor is it the fact that he isn’t a regular international, I just feel that Michu doesn’t have the quality to be a successful striker over the long term and although I cannot doubt his ability to score goals in the Premier League, playing for Arsenal and playing for Swansea are two completely different levels and I don’t think he can hack it at the big stage.

But that’s just a personal opinion. Dzeko would be the much better option for me because not only does he continue to amaze many by the fact he seems to score in every single game he plays for City, whether that be by starting the match or the far more regular role of coming off the bench. Like Michu, there is no doubting his quality. An instinctive striker with a deadly eye for goal, Dzeko is capable of scoring with both his head and his feet, whilst his all-round game including pace and the ability to hold up the ball is also a good factor about his presence in the team.

The problem for me with Dzeko is that he is quite similar to Giroud. They may not have the same attacking prowess or even attacking ability but they are both similar in the way they play and although I think it would be fantastic to see Dzeko in North London with the Gunners, I feel that it may be a waste of money considering we already have a player similar to the Bosnian international. The problem Arsenal are facing at the minute, however, is what happens if Giroud can’t play.

It’s a difficult question and although I’m sure everyone would still prefer Suarez out of the three players mentioned, we must be realistic in saying that we may need to start to looking for other options.

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  1. Dev says:

    ‘You’re sure everyone would prefer Suarez out of the three’.
    What a bizarre presumption!
    Maybe in the limited circles you might travel in. A significant number of Arsenal supporters across the pages of Arsenal fan sites have repeatedly voiced their abhorrence at the thought of a nasty, cheating little racist like Suarez despoiling the sacred Arsenal shirt.
    Personally, I wouldn’t take Suarez if Liverpool were to give us 50 million along with him and promise to pay his wages!!!!
    Try to restrain yourself from jumping to the stupid throwaway statements without any reference to fact.
    Le Boss is playing a clever game, I trust it will not lead to Louis Le Rat dragging the standards to the gutter. We’ll wait and see.
    Allez les Gunners.

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