Arsenal’s German forward Lukas Podolski had a serious celebration this summer after his country won the World Cup in Brazil and he looks like he has not fully returned to his old self after being in party mode for so long. But he is still an important player for Arsenal and so the manager needs to somehow get him back in business.

Looking at his figures from last season, Podolski was in some ways our best player on the left. Comparing his stats on to those of Cazorla, the German comes out very well, especially on scoring goals and shooting. But his passing accuracy, defending and overall scores were better than the Spaniard’s as well. I had to do it over 90 minutes because Cazorla played much more.

It was Podolski’s second season and if he had not picked up a bad hamstring injury right at the start, I think he would have had a fantastic campaign. He had already bagged a brace by then and when he finally came back to fitness, he got a good run of games and proved to Wenger that he really could be an option for Arsenal. So I think he just needs a run of games to get him going again and to shake off that World Cup hangover.

That left forward spot is up for grabs at the minute, but will Podolski be able to grab it?

2 thoughts on “Why Arsenal SHOULD keep playing Podolski

  1. Wenger is wasting Podolski. He is not playing him yet Arsenal is not defending well and are not even out scouring their opponents.

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