Why Arsenal should not worry about missing Cesar transfer

It seemed like Julio Cesar to Arsenal was a certain deal for weeks but now Roma are apparently turning to him in their search for a new goalkeeper and Cesar is keen on a move back to Italy. It would be nice to have Cesar at the club but would it really be the end of the world for Arsenal if he didn’t come?

Many Arsenal fans wanted Cesar to be rotated with Szczesny in the team while tutoring the Pole to help turn him into a world class goalkeeper. Cesar’s experience of playing at major tournaments and winning the Champions League certainly makes him one of the great keepers of the last few years and he would most likely have a good effect on Szczesny if he came to the club.

Arsenal fans mostly agree that Szczesny is a good keeper but there is something he is missing to be a top class keeper. He can be the man between the sticks at Arsenal for the next decade but he just needs to improve a little bit and the experience of Cesar could be what Szczesny needs to kick him in to gear.

Of course signing Cesar could have the opposite effect on him and he may find himself frustrated at the presence of a world class keeper. Cesar may even become the first choice and keep Szczesny out of the team all together.

QPR wanted to get rid of Cesar at all costs so they didn’t have him on the wage bill and they were going to sell him for around £3 Million which is a bargain. It would not be a great loss if Arsenal didn’t get him, though, and Arsene Wenger’s long term target Pepe Reina could now be available.

Since Liverpool signed Simon Mignolet there have been doubts over Reina’s future and this could be the time that Wenger makes his move. He has been interested for so many years in the Spaniard but we will just have to wait and see how the situation develops.

Would it really be a bad thing for Cesar to go to Arsenal? The club could cope just fine without him.

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